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Solarize OKC - Solar Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Lindsey Pever
I see the slides
Almond Eastland
We can see the slides
Lindsey Pever
For the Okies in the meeting, please know that the Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners are very important to the future of solar. I just watched the debate (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1LA08Zm_YU) for the Republican candidates. We need pro-solar candidates!
Julie Jackson
I live in a neighborhood on the National Historical Registry. I hope that we can be included in this solar energy project. I'm also a senior looking to save wherever I can. Had solar added to our home in Aurora CO back in the 80s.
Tony Capucille
Thank for considering solar Julie! Glad to know you had solar in Aurora. We are working with some homes on the registry and can see what opportunities are available in your area.
T.O. Bowman
That is wonderful, Julie! If your neighborhood is a historic preservation design district, there will be an additional process involved to get a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Commission. If your neighborhood is just on the National Register, but not a design district, it's the same approach as any other home!
Julie Jackson
Thank you. Looking forward to learning more.
Lindsey Pever
Thank you to EightTwenty for that!
T.O. Bowman
We will be focusing specifically on commercial and nonprofit aspects of the program at future events.
Larry Weatherford
How hard is it to re-roof the house with solar?
T.O. Bowman
Great question, Larry. I imagine Tony will want to answer this one live.
Cory Baitz I EightTwenty
Hi Larry, this is Cory at EightTwenty, thanks for the question. It's not hard to re-roof a house with solar. The roof attachments can be easily uninstalled. We could come out to uninstall the system, let the roof be replaced, and then reinstall the system.
Almond Eastland
What happens if there's hail/wind damage?
Cory Baitz I EightTwenty
Hi Almond, great question. While the panels are rated to handle typical hail, if there is very large hail that produces damage, replacing the panel would be included through homeowners insurance just like a roof replacement due to hail. In adding solar to a homeowner's policy, we typically see little to no change to the policy.
Larry Weatherford
How do people typically finance these projects?
Greg Heanue
For houses that produce more energy than it consumes, what happens? Are the panels automatically turn off? Is power routed to a battery? If so, what happens is battery reaches limit?
Greg Heanue
What is the typical break-even date? Meaning, how many years does it take to recoup the costs for install and equipment?
Greg Heanue
got it!
Tara LaClair