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Webinar #1: Transformation of the Critical Energy Infrastructure (100% virtual) - Shared screen with gallery view
Maury Dobbie
Welcome everyone! Thank you for joining us for our first webinar of three between U.S. and Europe. For more information please go to the webpage for more information: https://cercsymposium.org/transformations-energy-infrastructure-emobility-conference/
Maury Dobbie--Collaboratory
Our dialog moderator, Governor Bill Ritter, welcomes questions from the audience. Please type them into the Q&A section.
Nikolai Nikolov
How will be motivated the 'not advanced countries' to adopt these ambitious plans?
Mauricio Quintana Barreneche
Mr. Abraham, do you think H2 will be the missing link to fill this energy gap in Germany?
Hammad Ali
Hello everyone,a) How important the role of privatized entities and private partnerships is, in all these planned reforms?b) How/what steps can be taken to keep these private players in loop (effectively) considering their importance?
Hammad Ali
*especially from a political perspective*
Christina Nikolova
Hello form Sofia! Mr. Samandov what are the specific policy measures on national level considering the just energy transition in Bulgaria in terms of socio-economic impacts on the regions that are severely affected by the EGD?
Maury Dobbie--Collaboratory
This webinar recording will be back on the web page for others to view at any time: https://cercsymposium.org/transformations-energy-infrastructure-emobility-conference/
Maury Dobbie--Collaboratory
This is the first of three webinars. Feel free to register and pass the word on to others about Nov 11 and Nov 18 webinars that are coming up. https://cercsymposium.org/transformations-energy-infrastructure-emobility-conference/
Christina Nikolova
Thank you very much for the interesting discussions! It was a pleasure!