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Federal Education Update: COVID-19 Edition - Shared screen with speaker view
Adena Adams (AASA)
Welcome everyone! We are recording today's session. You will be able to find it on our webinar page as well as information regarding the future and past sessions we have hosted. https://www.aasa.org/AASA-LeadershipNetwork-Webinars.aspx
Juli Valentine
The AASA COVID-19 Resources can be found at http://aasa.org/covid19
Juli Valentine
We're going to leave the poll up for a few more minutes, but if you've already answered, feel free to click the top and drag it out of the way or minimize it so you can see the presentation
Juli Valentine
The list of superintendents on the Task Force and more information is located at https://aasa.org/content.aspx?id=44669 and the resolution is available at https://aasa.org/content.aspx?id=44739
Juli Valentine
Check out all the great work Noelle and her team are doing at https://aasa.org/LeadingEdge.aspx
Rosemary Marte
lots of great information!
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
We will send out these slides + recording of today's session -- as we said, there is a great deal of content in this webinar. Feel free to pose questions.
Juli Valentine
More details on these areas of action: https://aasa.org/policy-blogs.aspx?id=44711&blogid=84002
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
All 777 registrants will receive slides and recording
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
Sorry 77