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Webinar Adapt Your Marketing Approach to Maximize Lead Generation & Revenue - Shared screen with speaker view
Peter Berson
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Peter Berson
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Kevin Thai
food (groceries) is so difficult to buy.
Bob Cargill
Dove has some great new ads that are relevant to the pandemic. I believe Dove is owned by Unilever.
Meg McGrath
At AMA Boston we've been asking the question: "What is your face mask?". Many retail brands have been shifting to making face masks, but every brand has an opportunity to help. Does anyone on the call have an example of what your brand (or a brand you admire) is doing to help?
Bob Cargill
I know a printing company, Fusion Cross Media, that is making signs for people to put on their front lawns in support of healthcare workers and community heroes. Because business slowed down, they pivoted and began making these signs.
Meg McGrath
Such a cool example
Meg McGrath
Great example, Mark! Thank you
Meg McGrath
Crocs (the shoe brand) is donating comfortable footwear to medical workers on the front lines
Meg McGrath
Great local example, thank you Monique! There has been a lot of innovation in the food/beverage and restaurant industries
Christine Anagnostis
I think the default chat may be set to only show panelist comments. I’m not seeing the examples the attendees are giving.
Peter Berson
The Q & A should be able to be shared.
Monique Kelley
In addition to face masks, companies are also adapting to be seen as a solution to other challenges COVID-19 is posing. For instance, Earl's Restaurant is selling groceries. Mind you, the location in the Prudential building is right near Star Market and Trader Joe's, yet they are offering groceries and have been for at least a month. I'm curious to see how successful it has been to maintain and gain new customers!
Melissa Stone
Vineesh just made a great point —does everyone think desktop will make a come-back when creating digital campaigns?
Brad McCormick
Facebook usages has gone way up due tot he work from home and desktop usage. Its much easier to bounce back and forth online vs all other social media are mobile based
Melissa Stone
That’s a great point about social/mobile, Brad! :-)
Meg McGrath
I think so, Melissa! I think there will be a continued shift to adopting WFH culture at companies that previously didn't provide as much flexibility.
Meg McGrath
Thanks for coming! We hope to see you all at our virtual Marketing Mingle next Thursday. AMABoston.org/events