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East High School’s 2022 Town Hall Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Calvin Jolley
Mr. Crim: Remember to take yourself off of mute. No one heard your introduction of Principal Pedersen.
Katie Nitka
So great to see so many of you here tonight! If you missed the first few minutes, please know that the chat is available for questions
Katie Nitka
Para cambiar al idioma de español, haga clic en el botón Interpretación con el ícono del mundo en los controles de su reunión. Desde allí, puede seleccionar Español
Laura Cheney
website for portrait of a graduate
Laura Cheney
Katie Nitka
@kerstin Yes. The AP Capstone is a College Board opportunity. AP seminar is a year long class. It is a required pre-req to AP research. A student can earn an AP Capstone certificate by taking just those 2 classes
Laura Cheney
@kerstin Concurrent credits transfer to most Utah public colleges/universities up to a certain amount. They may or may not transfer out of state.
Katie Nitka
To earn a diploma, a student takes those 2 course as well as 4 AP classes of their choice
Laura Cheney
Website for AP Capstone: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-capstone
Calvin Jolley
Does the Capstone Program Diploma provide university credit?
Katie Nitka
@Calvin each AP class may earn credit dependent upon the college a student applies to. Each university has their own parameters to accept AP for credit
Katie Nitka
This document from SLCC does a nice job of laying out questions about credit between Concurrent and AP: http://www.slcc.edu/concurrentenrollment/docs/counselor-resources/ap-ce.pdf
Calvin Jolley
Thanks, Katie!
Katie Nitka
@Calvin The AP Seminar framework and pedagogy is called QUEST and you can find the break down here: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-capstone/how-ap-capstone-works
Laura Cheney
@Rebecca Anderson Each higher ed institute has their own parameters for accepting AP credit which varies institute to institute and course to course within an institute. For the best information - you should contact the school.
Kristien McDonald
Can you explain the requirements to receive the General Education Certificate?Also, do we have any feedback from the U of U for example about whether the AP Capstone makes a student more compelling when applying for scholarships?
Katie Nitka
yes, this is the General Ed Certificate: https://www.slcc.edu/concurrentenrollment/docs/counselor-resources/cert-of-completion-checklist.pdf
Katie Nitka
AP Capstone would set a student aside as having opted into the most rigorous options at a school. This would help with Scholarships. AP Research is also content analogous and is an amazing opportunity for a student to pursue a very specific interest and build out a full project or portfolio
Laura Cheney
@Kristien McDonald On the common application for colleges there is a box to check that the student completed an IB Diploma or a AP Capstone Diploma. This is for the college application but not scholarships. Each scholarship has a unique focus so I imagine it would depend on the scholarship.
Katie Nitka
One example that I think of is students interested in competitive Arts and Design programs where a portfolio is needed to apply. AP Research could allow a student a whole year to deeply research and study and area of their craft and also embed their work to submit
Calvin Jolley
How to sign up my incoming 9th grader?
Dr. Jennifer Throndsen
Dr. Jennifer Throndsen
Utah's Portrait of a Graduate--the knowledge, skills, and dispositions the state is seeking to see our high school graduates attain: https://schools.utah.gov/file/bccb96eb-e6a6-47cf-9745-cf311675ad8b As parents we can help foster the development of many of these characteristics at home, too
Dr. Jennifer Throndsen
These infographics might be helpful if you are less familiar with AP, CE, and CTE options. They come in multiple languages, too. https://www.schools.utah.gov/curr/earlycollege?mid=1354&tid=6
Elizabeth Margetts
How are you going to make academic pathways accessible to all students? Statistically, we know that there are more white students enrolled in AP courses than black and brown students. East is a minority-majority school; everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their passion.
Calvin Jolley
Thanks to all panelists. Great discussion!
Katie Nitka
@Erin We continue to encourage all students to take the AP Exam because of unique opportunity to be exposed to a high stakes setting (much like finals in college, the MCAT or LSAT, etc.) However, we do try to emphasize the experience of the learning and let that lead into student motivation to "pass". ALso, AP Pass rates gets to an earlier question--every college gives credits for different scores in different courses
MLT - Utah
From Theresa Mbaku - CTE Director/Concurrent Enrollment - when students have the opportunity through CTE programs to earn industry credentials (i.e. Medical Assisting, Certified Nursing Assistant, Computer Programming, Fire Science 2) while in high school, this can serve as a strong indication of skills to a student's future employer and higher education institutions. Generally students earn industry certifications through a combo of rigorous classroom instruction, industry assessment and work based learning experiences (apprenticeships like Stadler Rail).
Nicole Wilson-Steffes
@Elizabeth I appreciate your question--this is at the root of why foundational pathways is so very important! We have removed the barriers to advanced pathways and focus on building on all of the critical skills needed in those classes in their 9 and 10 years
Katie Nitka
We have not experienced any noticeable dip in AP Scores since shifting our model. No more so than the year to year dip of new courses being added or new teachers taking on a class.
Laura Cheney
@Elizabeth Margetts Foundational pathways in 9th and 10th grade allows ALL students access to critical thinking skills and higher level questions in turn we are already seeing our demographics in advanced courses better represent our school population.
MLT - Utah
Recent data has confirmed that students who take at least one CTE course are more likely to 1) graduate from high school and 2) more likely to be successful in their college experience. Coupling CTE classes with SLCSD Concurrent Enrollment courses are a great way to get a jump start on your college education and reduce the amount of time and money spend. Students if you would like personalized help in planning your CTE/Concurrent pathway- please contact Ms. Anne Martin CTE Coordinator at East. Anne is very experienced in CTE and CE. The Salt Lake Education Foundation has been very generous with scholarships for CE students. So check it out