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NRG Timely Topic - Increase Your 11/1 Drill Participation - Shared screen with speaker view
Ruben Martín
Kudos to Robin!
Robin & David Moller - Blue Rock NRG
I love that the greenbrae hills NRGs are working together. Always good to share info, and know you don't have to figure everything out by yourself!
Jenn Pfeiffer
Our NRG has lots of NRG (energy). Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
Mattie Morgan
WHen is the next Radio Drill scheduled?
Mark Swoiskin
D’vora and Tim asked questions in the chat.
Mike Frender, Heatherwood NRG
Heatherwood NRG has had some recent turnover in our Incident Command team. Given that we are all dealing with a lot already due to COVID, we are just going to keep it simple - perform block by block check for OK/Help sign. Next drill we can attempt to do some emergency injects - injuries, fire, etc.
Mike Pop
can we just say to our NRG group that Reuben recommends that all homes in our NRG should have juniper removed close to our house
Robin & David Moller - Blue Rock NRG
Ruben and Todd have been REALLY HELPFUL in improving defensible space.
Robin & David Moller - Blue Rock NRG
Be good neighbors! Kudos to Tim!
Mike Pop
how do we know who in our NRG is signed up for Alert Marin> can we get updates on all houses that have signed up>
Robin & David Moller - Blue Rock NRG
Thank you Rachel! and Katie and Ruben
Mark Swoiskin
Thanks Rachel and everyone else who spoke!
Mike Pop
thanks to all