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Housing Committee Meeting #9 - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeralyn Seiling
how does one assure a chance to speak at some point? and will we be able to see other attendees? thx!
Clifford Waldeck
Well put Mayor McCauley. Elizabeth would be proud and humbled. Thank you!
Nancy Rhine
Elizabeth was wonderful - what a lovely lady and a role model for many of us.
David Lown
what does “surface parking” mean?
Kristin Hulquist
Does surface parking mean “street parking” in the neighborhood or are there dedicated spaces within
Karen Jaber
how many people are on the call?
David Lown
where would that surface parking be located?
Julianna Hayes
Can Ms. Smith-Heimer define a “low recreation” site?
Julianna Hayes
have any of the consultants visited this site / Hauke during the weekends?
David Kennedy
Why is nearby 'Bayfront Meadow' not considered as a viable site?
Jeralyn Seiling
Janet is saying “first cut” but isn’t this the only site currently under consideration?
Amelia LaPlante
Of course they can, they have one agenda.
David Kennedy
Are there any 4 story buildings currently in Mill Valley?
Amelia LaPlante
Super helpful Greg
Jeralyn Seiling
before we get into building design, can we get to comments?
David Wygant
The Dev partner may have a perspective on the criteria, which may be too narrow. We live in Mill “Valley”. Of course the slope in most of MV is > 15%, which greatly limits the available inventory that could be considered beyond Hauke Park. The cost of more slope may not be prohibitive, e.g, non-profit donations could satisfy, especially given the strong developer demand. Consequently, more options could be considered beyond Hauke Park. Please take a moment to revisit your assumptions.
Susan Kirsch
How many Marin-based developers or partners have been engaged in the analysis?
Jessica Hitchcock, The Housing Workhshop
We interviewed five affordable housing developers active in Marin and the Bay Area
Amelia LaPlante
Can we review how many units? She said the nonprofits thought they could put more into the hillside.
rich ross
Garden style properties like the affordable ones that exist in MV currently are typically +/- 20 units per acre -so to get more than about 15 units on a 0.75 acre site they have to build a higher, denser project - or expand the site.
Betsy Bikle
Is the impact of Sea Level Rise mapped? I think maybe that actually this level is not expected to be flooded.
Betsy Bikle
Do the existing projects, e.g. under Bridge management, have live-in managers?
stephanie breitbard
agree with her 100%!@!!!!
stephanie breitbard
traffic nightmare!
Brian Dellamonica
This lady Is speaking facts!
Jeralyn Seiling
can you explain process of selecting order of speakers? the VAST majority of letters are AGAINST this proposal, yet 5/6 speakers are in favor?
Planning Department
It is just in the order I see them.
Jeralyn Seiling
can you then please give us a total of the number of residents who indicated they are opposed to the site v those who are in favor?
Tay Franklin
I believe that I lost my place in line earlier due to confusion over who was speaking, thank you, Tay Franklin
stephanie breitbard
but where would those new parking spots be???
Roger Hefty
The last commenter highlighted the matter. The study presented does not address how a 40 unit building will solve workforce needs.
stephanie breitbard
agree- shocked this has gotten this far without local community awareness!
stephanie breitbard
Do any of you committee members actually come here on a Saturday or sunday and see the traffic here?
stephanie breitbard
The biggest question is - do we as a local community on this hillside actually have any real say, or have you all made up your mind and we have no influence and we are all wasting our time here?
stephanie breitbard
The speaker is in SCott Valley and not on this hillside
Jeralyn Seiling
Once again, someone who does NOT live in neighborhood…
Jeralyn Seiling
The way the committee is approaching this is: rather than developing an overall plan, you are pitting one neighborhood against another.
Jeralyn Seiling
this entire process is massively disrespectful to residents of the neighborhood. It was done in stealth and it is utterly absurd to do the studies AFTER you sign up and pay a development partner.
Jeralyn Seiling
Agree!! You all need to get out and sit in the gridlock daily
stephanie breitbard
agree - appalling this is the first we are hearing of this!
Jeralyn Seiling
You should note that this neighborhood is still outraged by the City-approved clear cutting of 130 trees at the PGE substation, so there is not a lot of trust. Keeping the neighborhood out of the discussion until now has infuriated the neighborhood - and it doesn’t seem like anyone on the committee is even aware.
stephanie breitbard
Disagree - Bay Front Meadow would be all the same issues
Clifford Waldeck
Seems like the kids and the parents are all having the best of times when they are at Hauke Park. This project will not make or break traffic conditions in Mill Valley.
Jeralyn Seiling
And this proves the point of dozens of people who write - there is already pressure to open Hamilton to two-way - just on the basis of the proposal!
Amelia LaPlante
Yes! Build community! Not just housing!
Jessica Mullin
you look like you're getting background noise from Matt Franklin
Jeralyn Seiling
agree. where exactly does the data come from that no developer would be interested at less than 40 units? the consultant threw that out as if it is fact, but no backup whatsoever for that important fact
David Tollen
Voting for this site is not the way to get the process going. Voting against it is the way. Then, we can work on a plan that won't create a traffic nightmare. And we can consider the inequity of blocking a public park to reserve space for golf and tennis.
Jeralyn Seiling
Stunning! After hearing the fury of the neighborhood, you still think this will be successful. Can you please address conflicts of interest with Mr. Franklin?
Jeralyn Seiling
As to 40 units, I heard Janet say a developer might well want MORE than 40
Jeralyn Seiling
Would it not make more sense for a successful project to get the neighborhood involved earlier?
Jeralyn Seiling
No studies are going to change the fact that only 12 spaces fit, per consultant
Jeralyn Seiling
Yes, there are options. You can take up the garden, the fields, the bathrooms
Jeralyn Seiling
this issue was clearly pre-decided
stephanie breitbard
there is traffic on blithedale when the highway is wide open!
Jeralyn Seiling
That is a myth regarding traffic. If true, it would not be the worst traffic getting INTO mill valley at night. Or during school times! Educate yourself!
Jeralyn Seiling
I have never heard this much mansplaining in my life. Please stop lecturing and acknowledge the neighborhood.