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AAUW SA Member Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Kate Vetters
Her slide is partially covered
Adrien Frank
Judy's zoom tool bar may be covering her slide. The tool bar can be hidden and she may not know the command to do this.
Kimberly Henry
Thank you!!
Karen R
It's going to affect our financial rights & our property rights also.
Kimberly Henry
As a 31 year old, who as Wondra said, didn't have the privilege of parents investing in anything that could be passed down, I didn't have any example of what investing looks like and how to do it. I have done a lot of research but honestly knowing where to invest is still a little overwhelming. I am grateful for this amazing group of ladies and would love to know more about your experiences of investing
Kimberly Henry
they offer so many different economic classes that you can learn cooking but it doesn't include checkbooks
Kimberly Henry
Thank you Judy, my only current investment is my TSP retirement I started when I was active duty Navy.
Monica Ruiz-Mills, PhD
Financial Literacy is included in the TEKS (standards) in mathematics - focus is on saving money, financial institutions, calculating profits, balancing and managing a budget, college expenses, etc.
Kimberly Henry
Thank you Adrien! I am only investing in my TSP retirement (and the 10 acres I own) but want to do more.
Kimberly Henry
Thank you!