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Residency and Fellowship Recruitment: What did we learn from last year? What will we be doing this year? - Shared screen with speaker view
John Barnard
Most of these virtual interview suggestions for 2021-2022 are independent of COVID-19. So what we are really doing here is a grand experiment to potentially define future trainee interview practices. Maybe that is okay, but much research will be required to determine if we are doing the right thing for candidates. As a GI doc, I value gut feelings, and we are taking gut feelings away from our candidates because they have not experienced programs the same way they do in a live interview. One more thing. Have we considered an unintended consequence of a surge in "away rotations" to experience programs in person? If so, we are likely introducing equity challenges back into the dynamic?
Jeffrey Devries
Do you have recommendations for holistic screening of applications, as well as holistic assessment of interviewees?
Ann Reed
Can we move ERIS deadline to be earlier
David Deutsch
How did last year’s process for IM/Peds residency compare to previous years? Was it more competitive?
Stephen Teach
I joined late, but did we discuss the issue of visits in a 3-4 week period after we submit our rank lists but before applicants submit their lists?
Cynthia Campen
Perhaps we should survey the residents who interviewed virtually this last year after they start their residency to see if they feel they made the right choice.
Joseph Neglia
What are the 'red flags' that would indicate we should return to in person?
John Barnard
Curious, in this COVID-19 year, did we find medical students were more likely to match at their "home institution"? I have not heard.
Keith Mather
Was there a pattern of programs that had to participate in SOAP? Regional or small programs compared to larger one?
Mitchell Cohen
Was geographic diversity impacted by the virtual interviews - applicants were not constrained by travel challenges for interviews, but did they stay close to home or the geographic regions that they knew when it came time to rank/match?
Catherine Bendel, MD (she/her)
We will need to see how this first class does and are they happy where they landed.
Jeanne James
And how happy the programs are with their classes.