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2021 E&M Coding Changes: Lessons Learned - Shared screen with speaker view
Tania Jones
Welcome! Please type questions in the chat box and we will address at the end of the presentation.
Cathy Gingrich
Lynn you talked on last session about having processes documented in our Compliance Manual about the new E/M coding. Are there examples available anywhere we can look at for guidance?
Shannon Mare
Diagnostic testing: If the provider orders, reads and documents the MRI or Xray does he get credit for all 3 (all done in office)?
Christina Burt
Office xrays that we bill for in the office was explained in a Karen Zupko webinar that we CANNOT count the order because we are billing for it and AMA said no as well. Has this changed now?
Joetta Promes
If hospital does MRI and provider is contracted with this same hospital and he reviews the MRI images can he get credit for reviewing
Brad Rea, PA-C