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ACEs, the Brain & Developmental Trauma Part 2: Healing Through Adoption and Permanency Journeys - Shared screen with speaker view
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Thank you for joining us this afternoon for our ACEs & Developmental Trauma Webinar Part 2! The upcoming poll is multiple choice so please select all that apply to you. Please select “other” if all of the available options do not apply to you. Thank you!
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Please submit presentation questions into the Q&A box and any technical questions into this CHAT box. You can turn “live transcript” on/off on your Zoom menu. Enjoy the presentation!
Jason R
Yes everyone should read The Primal Wound by Nancy Verrier - "The Adoption Bible" and her 2nd book http://nancyverrier.com/the-primal-wound/
Jason R
Excellent presentation
Maddy (Tech Support)
Part 2 Slides: https://www.adoption.on.ca/uploads/File/Adoption_Matters/ACEs_DT_Part_2_Webinar_February_2021_slides_for_participants.pdf
Maddy (Tech Support)
Hi all! Please place questions in the Q&A box! That is where Kathy and Sylvia monitor. Thank you!