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Township Tuesdays with the MN Assoc. of Townships - Shared screen with speaker view
Chuck Schwartau
Did finally get into the ARPA report site and hopefully completed!!!
Jeff Krueger - MAT Exec Dir
Looking for Trainers. it is paid flexible hours and it is remote. You won't be coming to the office in St. Michael.
Pat from the Town of Wuori
Not to beat up the A word, but I have still been receiving info from a group saying that my SAM's number needs to be renewed. I go to Sam.gov and there are no issues there. It's been renewed already so this is a scam of some sort. I keep unsubscribing to these people but I continue to get emails. Is anybody else having the same problem??
DeAnn Croatt
Yes, Pat. I get them and if the email doesn't come from .gov, I delete it.
Lori Stalker
Yes, I am still getting those as well. Unfortunately there are peeps out there that are trying their best to scam townships due to the federal funds we received.
Pat from the Town of Wuori
I've been doing that but they are like weeds, they keep coming back
Mary - Holyoke
I saw a notive in the paper for the annual town road inspection for a neighboring township, is that required?
Chris Weber
Funny that this comes up today. Our tree trimmer cut down to the ground lilac bushes when they trimmed and the homeowner is upset. There was never an intent by the board to remove any trees or vegetation - only to trim. Could this turn into a legal issue for our township? Should the board be passing a resolution and holding a hearing for ANY tree trimming projects that we are doing?
Chris Weber
We did sent a notice of tree trimming to the residents, but never held a public hearing.
Pat from the Town of Wuori
If we rent a bus for the road inspection could we serve wine?? hahahahahhaha
Chris Weber
It was in the ROW per the plat.
Nancy Baytown
What are rules for signs in the Right of Way and the removal on Township roads? Thank you
Chris Weber
Thank you.
Mary - Holyoke
do the mailed notices have to certified mail? Rural mail delivery has really taken a dive since the PO has consolidated operations, as an aside, I believe many carriers are are now contractors.
Nancy Baytown
Sorry - this was complaints by residents for advertising signs for real estate, roofs, etc. Not sure if allowed in ROW
Pat from the Town of Wuori
Is Nicole still around??
Lori Stalker
Nicole the trainer? Yes
Pat from the Town of Wuori
Pat from the Town of Wuori
She was working on some info for me but I haven't heard from her
Lori Stalker
She is on the call now if you want to private message her
Pat from the Town of Wuori
DeAnn Croatt
very good, once again - thanks!