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Aging2.0 - KiAvtiv re: physical activity during COVID-19 webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Hi, I'm Julia Perry, I head up the Community and Wellbeing Services for Mental Health Concern, a charity in north east England. The Elders Council in Newcastle invited me to a presentation on active ageing and it transformed my thinking around our services for older people.
eric kihlstrom
Thank you for getting started Julia
Stuart Evans
Stuart Evans - an entrepreneur based in Cambridge with longstanding interest in Ageing and Longevity, especially in the not-for-profit sector. But done more exercise since Lockdown than for 40+ years
eric kihlstrom
Please let us know 1) your name; 2) your organisation or interest in the session
Barbara Douglas
Barbara Douglas Elders Council of Newcastle
Nora Davies
Nora Davies, University of Sussex
Karen Brown
Good morning - Karen Brown from Denver, Colorado. I head up the Aging2.0 Denver Chapter - and as such - am interested in startups. I am CEO of iAging and an angel investor.
Tim Lages
Tim Lages from UnLtd. We find, fund and support social entrepreneurs and one of our focus areas is healthy ageing. Physical activity is a topic that comes up a lot for us!
Hang Lui Li
Hi all, i am Banny from aging wisdom in Hong Kong.
Helen Mee
Helen Mee from the Clare Foundation, interested in physical activity for older adults and using digital to engage people in their homes during lockdown
Natalie Jones from Nuvo Wellbeing and ActivCare Coaching, both have a focus on healthy ageing, wellness and physical activity
Hi, I'm Ian Harwood, a former colleague of Eric's from the last century (!); interested in this topic more from a personal perspective than a professional one.
George MacGinnis - UKRI
George MacGinnis - I’m the Challenge Director for Healthy Ageing at UK Research and Innovation https://www.ukri.org/innovation/industrial-strategy-challenge-fund/healthy-ageing/
eric kihlstrom
We will cover questions for the speakers at the end.
Julia Levy
Julia Levy - setting up Carer Concierge and interested in tools and services that encourage and support active ageing and wellbeing as part of our offering.
eric kihlstrom
Please type questions here
eric kihlstrom
throughout the session and we will put them to the speakers
Helen Mee
Sorry I have to leave the meeting early. Thanks Tommy for your interesting presentation. I look forward to watching back the recording.
Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen - Copenhagen Denmark:Link empovering experiences with people in need of more joy in life
eric kihlstrom
Thanks for joining
Stuart Evans
Question for Tommy: I don't understand what service/product you offer. And what is the price?
Simon Luddington
Hi, I'm Simon Luddington, CO at SEARCH in Newcastle, we are an older persons charity in the West of Newcastle. We usually provide a range of Community Activity including exercise. We have sent out activity packs which include gentle exercise routines, feedback we have had from some of the people we support is that they are concerned that they will loose ability to do some of the things they usually do, due to not being able to walk distances, keep up their routines.
Karen Brown
For clarification - is it a wearable like a Fitbit or Apple Watch that tracks more parameters like exertion and heart rate (and steps) -- is the individual required to enter what activity they are doing?
Kenny Butler
Love the initiative Tommy and Prof Thompson! The science is clear, BUT how do we/ Ki Avitv plan to raise it's head above the 'Sea of Sameness' amongst a plethora of fitness, health and wellbeing apps and so-called solutions? Kenny Butler, Physiotherapist
eric kihlstrom
Thank you for the questions so far. I will put them to the speakers.
eric kihlstrom
Please keep them coming
Tim Lages
Surely the old recommendations factored in how active people were in the day to achieve tasks like walking up stairs, doing the laundry etc and from that recommended 150mins of additional activity time? What would your recommendation of how active someone should be? This is taking me back to my degree, great presentation
Karen Brown
I've seen physical activity referred to from an "asset allocation" perspective - that there are different components of physical activity that we all need to work on as we age. Things like balance, strength, aerobics, etc. Do you look at physical activity from different parameters in your platform?
Julia Levy
That slide of muscle mass if you maintain exercise is one of the most compelling arguments I can imagine to show people the benefits of physical activity!
Julia Levy
Also interesting to look at impact of inactivity on other conditions e.g. risk of pressure sores
eric kihlstrom
amazing to see the data
Tim Lages
Also shows the need to do physical activity before periods of rest e.g. operations and recovery afterwards
Tommy Parker
Absolutely Tim, the evidence around prehab and rehab is a very interesting area we are also involved in
Nora Davies
Really interesting session - thank you both. Just off to another meeting
Karen Brown
curious - to be answered at a later date - have you done studies of how much technology has reduced our basic physical activity - so the baseline was much higher 50 years ago vs today. Thanks! GREAT presentation!
julie taylor
Thanks Eric, Tommy and Dylan - great session!
Alice Kirby
Great meeting! Thank you