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PaACC The Scope of Mentorship: Variety in Relationships Throughout a Dynamic Career - Shared screen with speaker view
Katie Berlacher
my email is berlacherk@upmc.edupls email if you have thoughts questions needs - happy to talk about mentoring and be a mentor if i can!!
Katie Berlacher
Thanks to Missy and Sarah for kicking us off!! Great tips and points.
Katie Berlacher
any questions thoughts on things?
Katie Berlacher
one of the things i found hard was finding mentors outside of my institution - such as in national organizations or societies... any tips on how to approach people - always so hard to do a cold call or cold email!
Monika Sanghavi @MonSangh
Dr. Singh, where can we find the tool kit you created for Twitter for those attendees who might not be on social media?
Andy Waxler
Everyone: This has been wonderful - thanks to all for arranging, speaking, and attending! The ACC and PaACC are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to get involved. Email Katie (berlacherk@upmc.edu) and or me (awaxler@comcast.net) with questions, thoughts….
Melissa McNeil
Thanks for inviting us!