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A Tale of Love and Darkness I - Shared screen with speaker view
Cynthia Kravitz
Yeshivah bochers are pale from being indoor studying at their yeshivot. The bronzed Jews are the opposite to this and reaction against this.
In modern Israel, Coastal plain yeshivot in Bnei Brak, Netanya, Ashdod, etc bring busloads of Yeshiva Bochers, to the separate beaches often. But, yes, I the metaphor works. I'm a Ra'anana girl for the past 30 years, and go to the beach to walk on the sand, dip my feet and my body in the Mediterranean. I'm Modern Orthodox, and we all figure it out down there.
lilian stern
Not to veer too off the topic, but remember the Haredi grandmother in Shtisel leaves Jerusalem to Tel Aviv seaside to finally pass away..
Absolutely. I had an aunt or two like shtissels aunt. They all swam at the Gordon Pool. Different times... Halevai
lilian stern
My dad used to prearrange calls to Switzerland in the 70’s!
Elaine Hoffman
I remember in 1971-1972 you had to go to the post office to make a telephone call and wait your turn.