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AASA Webinar: Courageous Actions for Equity - Shared screen with speaker view
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
We are so proud to welcome you to the AASA What Works webinar series. We appreciate our support from Wallace Foundation in sharing webinars every Wednesday to build understanding of research and practical application of evidence based practices. We hope you will connect with one another to grow our understanding of issues in this time of uncertainty. Join us for additional webinars at aasa.org.
Morton Sherman
Hello everyone.... so pleased to have you join us
Carol Kelley
Thank you for organizing!
Edward Manuszak
What an amazing statistic! For every $1 a return of $7! Great work!
Margot Zahner
Glad to be here- thank you for organizing and to the presenters for sharing your district's great work!
Scott Yingling
Has there been any discussion about the Arts in a virtual world? Art material distribution, band/choir/theatre classes, concerts and plays in a virtual world?
Scott Yingling
Connection to the human is so important. Encouraging staff and students to share moments of joy during online learning. Also, both staff and students finding platforms to share talents to bring joy to the studnets body i.e social media, zoom, etc.
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
If you tweet about this webinar, please use #AASAHQ as you respond to issues raised by @pedroanoguera. After the webinar, you will receive a thank you note with a link to the recording of today's session and the slides of the presentation. Thank you all again for being here!
Margot Zahner
Great point, Scott. I've seen some cool things about end of the year virtual talent shows & celebrations of learning
Lois Maiden-MCCray
Great topic, facilitator and speakers! Have to sign off for another call. Have a good day...
Julie Tillman
In some of cases, older siblings are also partners in the education of younger students due to language and economic issues (parents working late) It is an added stress for our kids. What strategies might you share for teachers to support kids who are really living dual lives (parents and child) in this current environment?
Lauren Porosoff
What are some of the ways schools are making assignments more meaningful so that school becomes a source of satisfaction and vitality in students’ lives? Beyond check-ins *before* academic learning and breaks *from* academic learning, how are teachers tapping into the social and emotional needs of students *during* academic learning?
Scott Yingling
Margot - There is some amazing stuff going on out there. This is a huge opportunity for adults to show kids how to use social media in a positive way.
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
@SuptVPS was a finalist for AASA's National Supt of the Year -- can you see why?!
Tracie Robinson
I love the flexibility in the calendar and the variety to meet every teacher's need.
Pedro Noguera
Project based learning can be a great way to make learning meaningful. I know teachers who have kids developing pod casts, who are doing research on the history of pandemics, who are creating models that show how viruses spread, and writing poetry about their experiences in quarantine. The goal should be to create opportunities for deeper learning, independent reading and research, and presentations where students share what they have learned with their peers.
Tyra Thompson
I love the PL topics. Who offers the PL opportunities each week?
Arron Gregory
I value how you engaged your union to get support for professional learning.
Arron Gregory
Are you doing asynchronous or synchronous learning?
Julie Tillman
Love the professional learning opportunities and the wide range of voices involved in putting that together
Tracie Robinson
Tyra, I offered to my staff every two weeks, but the organization of IUSD would have helped me make sure a variety of topics were available.
Pedro Noguera
Check out Edutopia and the Buck Institute for great examples of project based learning.
Steven Webb
Absolutely. PBL, by design, can cultivate engaging learning experiences will create equitable outcomes for children to scale. The challenge here is to ensure that this occurs in all classrooms, in every school, for every child.\
Steven Webb
VPS is supporting synchronous and asynchronous professional learning.
Deana Lopez
Anyone successful helping pre-emergent and emerging readers in this environment?
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
Dr. Torres' outreach and engagement of her community is an inspiring model.
Jodie Peters
Another partner who has open access now is @AVID, Content before Tools... taking the lead with virtual learning and training in a HUGE way right now. https://avidopenaccess.org/
Margot Zahner
Some PBL resources for online learning: https://www.pblworks.org/pbl-online-supporting-families
Margot Zahner
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
AVID is a tremendous partner for learning of children and the educators who serve them
Margot Zahner
also: https://eleducation.org/what-we-offer/coronavirus-resource-center
Darline Robles
Another online resource is Common Sense Media's Wide Open School.
Ann McMullan
For resources in addressing remote learning challenges during COVID-19 check out https://covid19edtechguidance.com/ provided by CoSN, an AASA partner association.
Steven Webb
We can't lose sight of the transformational power of relationships- of human connections. Even in remote ways.
Lauren Porosoff
Beyond using PBL, we can also use protocols to help students connect their projects to their own values and build their relationships and sense of self in the process of doing meaningful work.
Edward Manuszak
Deana, I know that Dr. Nell Duke has shared a video of small group reading instruction that can be done remotely. She is a wonderful resource. Here is the link to her video: https://youtu.be/hNHImv_iKEM She also has many, many other resources as well.
Margot Zahner
Thank you, Lauren. I also think about learning plans created by and with individual students-
Deana Lopez
Thank you, Edward!
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
Great point, Eddie -- Nell Duke's resources are tremendously helpful in teaching reading remotely
Deana Lopez
Hello, Valerie! This is Deana Lopez from Texas. I served on the ASCD board through 2013 and am glad to see you are leading this powerful group!
Facilitator Jimmy
Engagement team is a great idea.
Edward Manuszak
Great ideas shared about the Engagement Care Team from Dr. Webb and using coaches to assist in personalizing PD for teachers from Dr. Torres! Both excellent initiatives!
Deana Lopez
Yes, thank you for ideas about Engagement Care Teams!
LaTonya Goffney
We are tracking students engagement. I love the idea of the Engagement Care Team.
Rosa Nieves
Very true. As a building admin. I often reach out to students who aren't doing work. Often times I find out that family members are affected, sometimes not. Either way, making that call has caused change and it is rewarding.
Lauren Porosoff
Just wanted to share a resource that integrates SEL directly into instruction, so that academic learning becomes a context for students to build authentic relationships and bring their personal values to their work: https://www.solutiontree.com/two-for-one-teaching.html
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
Thank you, Arron -- great resource for reopening. On May 27, David Schuler, Ann Levett and Andrew Smith will be sharing strategies for reopening high schools on an AASA webinar at 3 pm. Register at:https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMkcO-ppjosHNYMJW7Q9Ij4oOY408iSXAzm
Ayn Ford
Will there be a webinar to support students in early learning grades (Pre-K-2) and special education?
Edward Manuszak
Dear Ayn,
Arron Gregory
As a Chief Equity Officer I am very concerned about our gaps. Are many of you gearing up for virtual summer school? How are you ensuring it is meaningful and impactful vs. just what we always do? How are we ensuring that our best and brightest teachers are going to teach summer school?
Edward Manuszak
AASA Early Learning Cohort just held a special Webinar last week on this issue. If you look at the archives the PPT and resources should be there.
Ann McMullan
Also invite leaders to join Dr. Steven Webb, Dr. Donna Wright and Dr. David Miyashiro for the CoSN/AASA/edWeb June 8 webinar on Digital Equity and Learning Beyond the Classroom at https://home.edweb.net/webinar/supers20200608/
Ayn Ford
Great! Thanks Edward!
Lavada Berger
wanted to share this resource (includes free Customized coaching for leaders to ensure learning can happen anytime, anywhere) https://www.alwaysreadyforlearning.org/
Arron Gregory
Thanks everyone! Great opportunity to connect with other equity minded leaders.
Valerie Truesdale-AASA
THANKS to everyone for sharing your time with us. Connect with us at AASA. We are here to support you in any way. vtruesdale@aasa.org
Edward Manuszak
This has been an absolutely wonderful webinar! So many excellent resources and thoughts shared here! Thank you to the panelists and to Drs. Sherman and Truesdale! Thank you AASA!
Ann McMullan
This was a terrific event. Thank you Mort and Valerie and the expertise and wisdom shared from Pedro, Steve and Erika. Much appreciated.
Kedra Fairweather
Awesome and valuable information shared. Thank you all for this webinar.
Steven Webb
Thanks for joining. If you have follow-up questions, email steven.webb@vansd.org. Take good care!
Carrie Chiappetta
Thank you!! This was wonderful! Great information!!
Michelle Cavazos
Julie Tillman
Thank you for the valuable information and resources.
Theresa Rouse
Thank you - great session!
Margot Zahner
Thank you, great conversation and resources.
Glenn Pethel
Tremendous webinar! Thanks so much to all!!
Kate Kemeklis
this was fantastic! thank you!
Tyra Thompson
Thank you all1
Carol Birks
Thank you1
Tracy Mansfield
Thank you! Great information and discussion.
Ayn Ford
Thank you everyone!