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Identifying and Supporting Your Gifted Child at Home and At School - Shared screen with speaker view
Rajni Rao
Can you talk about balancing advancing a grade if school allows it vs staying in grade and having to do a lot of supplemental educational stimulation. Thank you!
Rajni Rao
I’m sorry if I missed this, I joined late. If you suspect you have a gifted kid, what is the first step to evaluate and start the conversation with the school?
Stephanie Tuxen Bisgaard
We have at least one child with a huge discrepancy between academic or intellectual superiority and very immature ability to organize and plan. It is hard to know how much to intervene at this point when he/she is a teenager…. Can you comment on that? making sure the teenager matures independently in the teenage years and also trying to intervene when he or she has no overview of what to do/ organization.
Rajni Rao
I just wanted to thank you for one of the most informative sessions I’ve attended on education. I thought we were the only ones with this experience (like your child being an “assistant”) and it felt so validating to hear that others have such an experience. This was amazing.
Athena Anagnostopoulos
Thank you so much for this talk !!