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DOH updates, Toolkit, Q&A for Charter Governing Councils - Shared screen with speaker view
Thank you Dr. Stewart for your dedication to the students of NM
Katie Avery (she/her)
Good evening and thank you for joining us. Please feel free to share your questions via the Q&A function throughout the presentation. We will also have a Q&A toward the end to respond to any unanswered questions.
Katie Avery (she/her)
Willie Williams
Thank you very much Dr Stewart for your dedication to the students
Tim Beard
only the metro is above the gating criteria on your graph. why are we all being punished?
Katie Avery (she/her)
As a friendly reminder to all of our guests this evening...
Katie Avery (she/her)
Out of respect for our presenters, our school leaders, our stakeholders, and our cross-agency partners, we ask that everyone agree to the following expectations for engagement.• Students first.• Trust the science.• Assume positive intent; remain professional and courteous.• Agree to disagree without compromising student, staff, and community health and safety.• Adhere to Q&A protocol; refrain from interrupting presenters so that all can benefit from the information shared.
Katie Avery (she/her)
We will share both the recording and the presentation materials after tonight's meeting.
Corina Chavez, NMPED Charter Schools Division Director
PICU- Pediatric intensive care unit
Katie Avery (she/her)
Thank you for submitting your questions - we are monitoring the chat and Q&A.
Katie Avery (she/her)
Following the presentation, questions will be read aloud from the chat. Similar questions will be synthesized into one ask. If additional context is needed, the moderator may ask the poster to clarify their question. In addition, we respectfully request that participants adhere to the following guidelines during the question and answer session:• Please remain on mute during Q&A.• PED leaders reserve the right to request additional time/consultation in responding to nuanced questions.• PED staff will not comment on pending/ongoing litigation.• If any questions remain unanswered at the close of the meeting, the moderator will save the chat and follow-up with an FAQ.
Katie Avery (she/her)
Corina Chavez, NMPED Charter Schools Division Director
Many charters have outside seating for meal time, which is a great strategy as well!
Willie Williams
May the school set the perimeters for food brought in from home for the safety of the other children?
Corina Chavez, NMPED Charter Schools Division Director
In fact, a few of the charter schools in Las Cruces are planning a vaccination clinic, please let us know if you want to have one!