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(Ref 141100) Africa-EU universities and research collaboration - convened by African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) the the Guild of European Research Intensive Universities - Shared screen with speaker view
Peter Bergsten
Would be good to list ongoing activities between AU and EU.
Dr Samia Chasi
Prof Barry - Thanks for sharing the ‘brain bridge’ concept from your colleagues in India. That’s an indication of an important shift in mindset.
Dr Samia Chasi
Prof Hilde - Related to your remark on persisting inequalities, could you please share your thoughts on how we can jointly influence funding organisations? Funding instruments often seem to, by design, entrench agenda setting and dominance of European institutions.
Peter Bergsten
Would be interested in how to pusue, within ARUA and Guild, work on what Hugues was talking about interdiscplinary work, with focus on ”wicked ” problems like Hilde talked about.
Actually there are many space science-related project ongoing in Africa… including astronomy. What is lacking, unfortunately, is networking across the continent.
Laura Royer - The Guild
Learn more on the proposals developed in the context of ARUA-The Guild partnership: https://www.the-guild.eu/resources/strengthening-the-african-knowledge-society.html
Adina Rom ETH Zurich
Sofia Hadjichristidis
Thank you!
Breu Michael (Uni Bern, CDE)
or here: https://11principles.org/
Taoufik Karkar
The main problem of africain universities is that they are not connected to their socialites and traditional economies. They have to live in a duality of two economies. There is very poor innovation system, .very poor interface between universities and local economies
Marie Korsaga
@fulviofranchi Astronomy is still considered as a new discipline in many African countries (except South Africa and North African countries). Many countries do not yet have an astronomy program in their universities. Talking about networking, there are already AfAS, AfNWA, Astronomy in Colour, etc.
Marie we are running an Intra Africa project on that, PAPSSN: www.papssnmobility.org
Taoufik Karkar
The main problem of the African universities is that they are not connected to their sociaty. There is a very poor interface between universities and local economy. They live in a duality of two economies. There is a very poor national system of innovation and bad interface between universities, political authorities and economic authorities
Marie Korsaga
Fulviofranchi, thanks for sharing! This is an ambitious project. Is it also open for french speaking countries in Africa?
At the Antenna Foundation www.antenna.ch/en we are super interested in getting more research applied to innovations for the most needy. JustinV@antenna.ch
The main problem of African universities is the disengagement of the states which do not finance research
Manuel Valiente
during last 15 years, we have been running cooperative projects between EU and NorthAfrica institutions and we learned the 3FA results (Finish Funding Finish Activity). We need to put attention on the education role. We think that the only sustainable programme to EU-Africa research cooperation is implementing the high education through innovation. This is just to apply what we do in Europe (project development by postgraduate students) and translate it to the programs for EU-Africa collaboration.
Manuel Valiente
We can discuss it in detail
Laura Royer - The Guild
Read the call of 16 leading African universities to develop a Stronger Research Ecosystem in Africa: https://arua.org.za/developing-a-stronger-research-ecosystem-in-africa-towards-an-enhanced-role-for-universities-through-clusters-of-excellence/