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Futurice Smart Mobility Webinar #7: The Path to Sustainable Mobility - Cross-Sector Response for Positive Change. - Shared screen with speaker view
Charles Kee
Afternoon all. Charles Kee from Net Zero 2050 Ltd here. Looking forward to what I'm sure will be an interesting session.
Max Kratz
Hi there! Max Kratz here. Digital Product Designer from Berlin who’s keen on automotive design but also a social and environmental activist - so I like big problems. Looking forward to this talk!
Neil Durno
Good afternoon - Neil here … all ears. Need to open more ears for those not yet converted.
Joel Teague
Good afternoon all! Joel from Co Charger here. Always keen to widen my knowledge of what's going on and what 'sustainable' really means to people.
Graham Sadd
Government could do more by 'leading by example' installing EV Charge Points in their central and local government buildings and hospitals, schools, leisure centres etc for their staff and visitors to encourage the transition from fossil fuels to green energy.
Joel Teague
Chris P-J spot on as usual. We need to challenge public perceptions much more strongly. The perceived blockers are often not real blockers.
Joel Teague
Affordability, Convenience and Dependability: people need all three in their charging options to make the leap.
Graham Sadd
To Lucy's point, many private workplace parking space could improve their social responsibility relationship by allowing access to their local residents at the weekend to their staff/visitors charge points.
Neil Durno
Spot on Chris PJ - modal shift truly needs the full range of charging solutions for different missions of private and commercial vehicles. This essentially requires master planning for the required synergy and speed to avoid conflicting pressures (i.e. available connections to the grid). The central, regional, mayoral and local authorities need to have co-ordinated programmes
Neil Durno
DfT should be bothered Chris PJ as your fast fibre network will support AV within the decade
Joel Teague
@Graham Sadd: that's one of the two main models that Co Charger are working on. Workplace chargers doubling up as Community Chargers are a really obvious quick-win. Email me if you'd like to know any more: joel.teague@co-charger.com
Joel Teague
The graph in the middle of this study is an eye-opener and illustrates quite starkly what Chris is saying: http://dodonaanalytics.com/will-the-ev-charge-point-roll-out-put-the-brakes-on-cleaner-transport/
Nate Giraitis
Q: If sustainability truly tracks to better economics, what other efforts can be made to make sustainable mobility not just a higher income concept, but boost lower income success?
Graham Sadd
I recently heard Geraint Davies, MP, state that local pollution is responsible for 64,000 premature deaths per annum at a cost to the NHS of £20bn!Any comments?
Joel Teague
One thing the government could and should do to encourage sustainable options is cease the subsidies that make the unsustainable ones viable.
Neil Durno
Lucy - Blatant ;-)
Lucy Yu
Yes, shameless I know! :-)
Neil Durno
Data “ownership” is such a commercial challenge. There is much to learn from partners about applicable, aggregated, anonymised data for greater value and intelligence
Charles Kee
Really interesting session. Thanks to all involved.
Imran Khan
thanks everyone , really interesting .
Neil Durno
Agreed VW gate has been a massive motivation. It is however frustrating to see them bragging about being fully electric range in 2030 …. When actually they now have no choice!
Neil Durno
I mean many marques not just VW
Neil Durno
Great session - keep sharing