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How CILs Can (and Should!) Support Consumers in the Criminal Legal System - Shared screen with speaker view
Eleanor Canter
Description greatly appreciated, I'm legally blind.
Eleanor Canter
Near and dear to mine as well. Crazy that in Indiana I have a good friend who has been locked up for 6 years in a horrible Fed Prison for Habitual traffic offenses stemming from loving to ride his Crauch Rocket Motorcycle.
Eleanor Canter
Can this also be directed to locations / facilities with at-risk youths with disabilities as well? Our TAP and Pre-et's programs come to mind as relevant services to make available for these young-adults. Can the programs that their local CIL's provide, positively impact their recovery and trajectory? How early in the process can a CIL get notified and potentially involved?
Eleanor Canter
We are proud at our ILC to be providing services and supports in our local county jail successfully for 5 plus years in Lewis County.
Eleanor Canter
Upstate NY
Eleanor Canter
Never mind. I should have waited to ask the question. Solid presentation. :)
Tim Fuchs (he / him)
Not a problem! These are great questions and things to consider! We'll address in our Q&A break.
Eleanor Canter
Absolutely agree- Also funding from the county- MICA/Transition funding we receive to do the work at the jail- lots of pathways to funding with a good relationship with the Community Services Board to work with other providers for a team approach.
Eleanor Canter
In my opinion, our system totally messed up and it's so sad to see!
Eleanor Canter
I did my thesis on this topic and was lucky enough to make it to the capital for the ultimate decision to be to build more prisons
Eleanor Canter
Eleanor Canter
oops Sighs
Eleanor Canter
I have to go thank you so much for your time! So many changes needed. Thank you again
Eleanor Canter
Scott and Sharif, is this why correctional facilities release parolees into unknown (to them) communities where they don't know where to go for services or help) to put them in "new soil"? But without all they need, ID, doctor, income, etc. and have out of town transitional housing monitors be assigned to help them? How scary that is for the parolee, and how poor is that in preventing re-offending and return into the criminal justice system.
Eleanor Canter
Can Faith Based Agencies be of help.
Sharon Finney
Tim, I see you are in the room on mute. Are you going to wrap up or can I assist?