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Launch of ILRIG booklet on casualised work & struggle - Shared screen with speaker view
Neil Coleman
Brilliant dear comrades. Thanks for the performance.
Neil Coleman
Apologies I have to leave for another meeting. But keep up this important work
Florencia Belvedere
Just wanted to note that asylum seekers and possibly refugees who come to South Africa will be forced to enter the informal sector even more as there are new restrictions in the amendments to the Refugees Act on the types of sectors in which they will be allowed to work.
Eddie Cottle
Just a note on the concept of Marx's reserve army of labour. It included the unemployed and all "semi-employed hands" i.e. casualised workers.
Eddie Cottle
If we dismantle the institutional reforms the working class fought for we leave workers even more exposed. The wage share will drop dramatically overnight, their will be no recourse for "illegal or unfair practice"
Eddie Cottle
Can any form of worker organisation increase membership density to 80% like Social Democratic countries? Why has such a form not emerged over 25 years outside of "organised labour"?
Eddie Cottle
Thanks for a really good presentation and commentary comrades!
Kelly Gillespie
Thank you so much, everyone. Beautiful commitments.