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Coffee Talk #3: Civil Rights and Police Reform - Shared screen with speaker view
Robin Seigle
Question: How can we spread the thinking that police officers should be held to a higher standard of conduct than criminals. They represent the government.
Ehab Shehata
bizarre use of man’s best friend
Terry Zack
Question: how do police unions fit into the culture and needed reforms?
Patricia Leahy
I would like to get Ehab Shehata"s information in where we may help
Ehab Shehata
thanks Patricia. please email me at ehabshehata2002@yahoo.com
Ehab Shehata
I can send you a copy of the Resolution
Patti Flores-Charter
I will give Mike Ehab’s contact info. Ehab, can you get us the link to your resolution now?
Patti Flores-Charter
oh, never mind
Ehab Shehata
and information about how you can speak in favor
Ehab Shehata
SDCDP Proposed Police Demilitarization Resolution WHEREAS state violence against Black, Indigenous and Communities of Color has become an epidemic across the United States, including San Diego County and local municipalities and educational districts, WHEREAS local police forces across America are becoming more militarized, including police departments in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Ferguson, Missouri and Louisville, KY; cities that have received publicity for brutal murders and treatment of Black citizens, including techniques such as armored vehicles, weaponized aircraft, drones, Stingray surveillance equipment, camouflage uniforms, grenade launchers, no-knock warrants, WHEREAS in 2014 the San Diego Unified School District acquired - and later returned - an MRAP (mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle); in 2019, San Diego Police Department installed more than 4,000 cameras and microphones inside streetlights throughout San Diego and the number is expected to climb to 8,000; in that same year, law enforcem
Ehab Shehata
enforcement executives from the San Diego Police Department, San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Port of San Diego Harbor Police, and other local police departments received international military training; and in 2020 the Chula Vista Police Department expanded two dozen autonomous small drones and some larger ones for surveillance purposes, THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED, that the San Diego County Democratic Party urges the County of San Diego and all municipalities within the county to cease use of the militarized techniques listed above including surveillance, return all military equipment purchased or received from the federal government, cease international military trainings, prevent law enforcement agencies from purchasing or using military weaponry, and end the supply of federal military weaponry to local police departments under the 1033 program.
Ehab Shehata
full text of resolution above
Owner’s iPhone
SDCDP passed a resolution asking Dem candidates to decline donations from police unions.
Marely Ramirez
Ehab Shehata
FYI the police demilitarization Resolution already passed Labor Dem Club unanimously. they found it fair and without bias against police labor, police salaries, or police unions
Robin Seigle
Thank you, Mike, that was great and a bit depressing!
Frank King
Great presentation and discussion!
Marely Ramirez
Thank you MIke for your Fabulous Presentation, eye opening and very educational!
Ehab Shehata
great presentation Mike! you’re a very good speaker. can you kindly share your email
Mike Marrinan