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K4C Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Are leaders from local indigenous groups invited to become members of K4C alongside city officials? If not, why not?
Devon (she/her)
Will there be a recording of this event to share?
Dave Kaplan, Port of Seattle
Yes, it's being recorded.
Elly Trinh
How are we going to help the mobile home parks’ residents?
Morgan Torres | King County | she/her
Hello, thank you for your questions! We will begin to compile questions for the Q&A session at the end of the meeting. Please add them throughout the meeting as you have them.
Omaha Sternberg
How do we change the minds of Americans who equate their individual car with independence?
Ross Hunt
What is the plan for existing individual residential buildings?
Marty Kooistra (he/him)
What can executive or legislative branches of government at local and county levels do to clarify for management that we should not be pitting climate against affordable housing. With the three crises of housing equity and climate converging, we struggle with a sense of lore that unit count trumps all and actually discourages affordable housing developers from getting out on the bleeding edge. We need to decouple all the community benefits that go into every income and rent restricted affordable housing development from the housing resources. In other words, where can we liberate resources to incentivize a passionate focus rather than dissuading developers from leading us to our states 2031 requirements?
Sonja, Built Green, she
I second everything Janice Zahn is saying. Green and affordable are not mutually exclusive and all the homes being built now are impacting our ability to reach our 2030 and 2050 climate targets.
Carolyn Boatsman
Would Council Member Zhan please tell us more about the multifamily tax exemption? Thank you.
Steve Taber
I believe the state handles the resi codes....so, is the county doing to improve this critical area...
dwight rousu
I understand some building codes that eliminate fossil fuels in new building construction only applies to building over 5 stories, while most new buildings now are 5 or under stories. Is this a disconnect, or is it being dealt with?
Don Marsh
As a representative of Sierra Club's Washington State Energy Committee, we are concerned with impacts of energy on the environment and vulnerable populations. As a resident of Bellevue, I'm concerned that my city relies on PSE to drive energy policies and technologies. PSE is not doing enough to make our region a leader in clean energy and environmental stewardship. I do a lot of work with PSE and the City of Bellevue. Do you have suggestions for how we can achieve better outcomes for our communities and future generations?
Carolyn Boatsman
Cities cannot now ban or reduce use of gas in new or remodeled single family residential construction. Legislation to allow cities this discretion failed in 2021. What is the outlook? Is K4C pushing for this legislation?
Bill Yock
Has the C-PACER (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Resiliency) program been endorsed / started? Will K4C promote it?
Elly Trinh
When will King County finish legal agreement/statement for C-PACER program? https://kingcounty.gov/services/environment/stewardship/sustainable-building/pace.aspx
Steve Taber
Resi and commercial building energy use is normally the largest consumer of energy. Should the county have a building energy mitigation team. To work with construction supply vendors to come up with higher performing/ lower cost materials to help the building energy mitigation cause?
Elly Trinh
What about WA State DES Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC)? https://des.wa.gov/services/facilities-leasing/energy-program/energy-savings-performance-contracting-espc
Kate Richardson
Can the K4C lean on the Port of Seattle to utilize a complete Environmental Impact Statement when it plans to destroy 14 acres of mature urban forest to pave over for a parking lot?
Cities cannot yet require single family EV ready in new construction (among other climate related efficiencies) without risking law suit until the state Building Council changes its regulations. Will the Regional Code Collaboration, K4C and King County promote this change so cities can be more progressive?
Marty Kooistra (he/him)
Reducing sewer capacity charges was one great example of how public sector can help mitigate the cost of producing publicly funded affordable housing--THANK YOU
Susanne Berndt-Radley
Is the "Climate Action Toolkit" public info? Could a city or county in another state use as template?
Morgan Torres | King County | she/her
The Climate Action Toolkit is free to use for anyone interested. Available on the King County website: https://kingcounty.gov/services/environment/climate/actions-strategies/initiatives-programs/climate-action-toolkit.aspx
Elly Trinh
Will there be future funding to investigate taking advantage of King County Wastewater Services: Sewer Heat Recovery system? Especially for green affordable housing projects? https://kingcounty.gov/services/environment/wastewater/resource-recovery/sewer-heat-recovery.aspx
Elly Trinh
@Executive Constantine: Will the pilot project also include weatherization assistance to FIRST build tight, insulate right, and THEN ventilate and heating and cooling right?
IeRM Philipp Schmidt-Pathmann
Heating and Cooling for businesses and housing could be provided by thermal treatment of waste. Landfilling waste contributes at least 1 ton of CO2 per ton of waste landfilled that could be avoided.
Anne Newcomb
Thank you for being such a forward thinking county 🙏🏿
IeRM Philipp Schmidt-Pathmann
Avoiding landfilling of municipal waste is critical in avoiding CO2. The best example comes from European countries that have decades of proof and science that are indisputable. Cedar Hills Landfill contributes about 1 mis ton of CO2.
Marty Kooistra (he/him)
Climate change activists could really help this effort by joining in the less powerful affordable housing advocate community and drive legislatures to deal with our regressive tax structure and the limitations on local governments to generate revenue and then invest in housing commensurate to transit
Elly Trinh
How can we help build capacity for BIPOC communities to be more involved?
Bill Yock
Please consider using municipal carbon collaboration and reporting systems like: https://www.sustain.life/features/green-city https://watershedclimate.com/ https://kausal.tech/en/
Susanne Berndt-Radley
Talking about elephants in the room - What do you believe are the "outdated" codes, regulations etc that are in the way to move to "green" faster? For example - is it true that PSE is not "supposed" to come out with special offers to move to green faster? How can we help?
Marty Kooistra (he/him)
There is so much money to be made for developers, who have connected powerfully with local governments to push for approvals without sustainability. This has taken over our town which is no where near reaching its K4C goals
Anne Newcomb
Please continue to keep the pressure on PSE to ramp up clean energy and efficiently faster and no new gas. Thanks for what you do!
Anne Kroeker
The In-PRV from InPipe Energy is managing pressure and reducing electricity costs at the Division Street booster pump station: Skagit Public Utility - maybe the way of the future:https://www.inpipeenergy.com/
This is a hard fight to overcome. And we are punished for going against our local government. Suggestions?
Carolyn Boatsman
what is the thing Rachel is talking about?
Elly Trinh
Elly Trinh
Has K4C done outreach to non-profit organizations that could benefit from CPACER?
Morgan Torres | King County | she/her
King County is beginning to pivot to outreach around C-PACER and small and BIPOC-owned businesses are an important audience to us in this work
Steve Taber
So is Rachelle saying that the codes are updated for resi and commercial?
DM Jay Arnold (he/him)
Kirkland Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold: jarnold@kirklandwa.govState Building Code Council:https://sbcc.wa.gov/email entire State Building Code Council: sbcc@des.wa.gov
Susanne Berndt-Radley
Does K4C also look at technical expertise and capacity within King County to actually implement solar, insulating existing homes, etc at residential homes, small businesses?
DM Jay Arnold (he/him)
Building codes standards are set by the state, updated every three years. Cities can adopt enhanced commercial emergency codes, but cannot change residential.
Yes, Election year! Hold or attend candidate forums and ask questions about candidates specific plans for environment/climate/fair housing. A virtual candidate forum for the primary election is being planned by several groups for Issaquah area for contested positions in Issaquah City Council and County Council on July 15, 5:30 7 PM. Sponsored by Issaquah chapter of People for Climate Action, Issaquah Alps Trails Club, and Friends of the Issaquah Fish Hatchery.
Devon (she/her)
Where with the recording of this event be posted? Thank you.
Kristi Weir
Thank you for having this public session about the work that is being done on K4C.
Susanne Berndt-Radley
This was a very helpful session! Thank you!
Morgan Torres | King County | she/her
We will add the recording to the K4C website: https://kingcounty.gov/services/environment/climate/actions-strategies/partnerships-collaborations/k4c.aspx
Mark Vossler
Thank you to all the panelists! Proud to have you representing me. We work with you to get this done!!!
Devon (she/her)
Thank you!
Marty Kooistra (he/him)
appreciate your passionate leadership on such important work.
IeRM Philipp Schmidt-Pathmann
We need to have Carbon Reductions by 2030 as the clock is ticking and we are running out of time. 2050 is too late.
Don Marsh
I appreciate the efforts of K4C. Thanks for your commitment.
IeRM Philipp Schmidt-Pathmann
But where is the energy coming from for electrification as PSE provides >50% from fossil fuel. And PSE provides the majority of energy.
Omaha Sternberg
Just a thought: what kind of help will the municipal/county/state be able to provide to the small businesses that are the convenience stores attached to gas stations when those stations go away?
Lynn Sachnoff
Thank you all... nothing is more important than turning aroung our climate crisis.
David Morton
Thanks everyone!
dwight rousu
Local sustainable energy: solar panels on local buildings.
IeRM Philipp Schmidt-Pathmann
Thanks for elevating the urgency. Everything needs to be on the table. Including revising outdated practices.
Thor Olson
Thanks for the panel! Good discussion.
Omaha Sternberg
People for Climate Action!