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Samuel Stadler
Welcome all :)
Samuel Stadler
Shout out to 3am KL!
Betsie Garcia
I also feel that the increase in consumption of Anime is also due to how streaming platforms are prioritizing narratives and are starting to get repetitive and following too closely to algorithmic trends. Anime provides the opportunity for unusual narratives + the medium is enjoyable to explore creatively
Samuel Stadler
Great point Betsie
Megan Ignacio
I agree with Azusa. Accessibility to anime on mainstream platforms such as Netflix, Hulu etc. and access to merch in retail stores like Hot Topic and Forever 21. People do not have to hunt for anime content or merchandise like they did in the past.
Samuel Stadler
100% - less hunting required today Megan. Good observation.
Miles Thomas
Are these numbers holding for population?
Pascal J. Bonnet
how is demand defined ?
Samuel Stadler
Quick note on demand, here is a great overview: https://www.parrotanalytics.com/measurement
Catherine Knibbs
Would you have any data on the ages of viewers. Im finding a growing cohort of clients in my practice are getting younger (average 14/15 years now, whereas this was slightly higher age of 17/18)
Megan Ignacio
Anime fandom communities have also evolved to access forums and platforms like Discord, Facebook groups, etc. Fans can also connect through social media by creating their fan art and personalized art on Etsy.
Samuel Stadler
For sure Megan, new platforms and marketplaces have really opened things up in terms of accessibility and fans being able to connect.
Megan Ignacio
I think studios are collaborating with museums, fashion, aquariums, etc. Like the One Piece fashion collaboration with Skechers on merchandise also introduces the franchise to a new audience and demographic.
Samuel Stadler
Really fantastic questions coming through. Hard to keep up with 100+ of you sending these in...but keep them coming! :)Quick note on pre-webinar questions...we've already got around 20 questions, won't be able to get through all of these obviously but THANK YOU for taking the time to write in and for making the time today to join us today.
Samuel Stadler
I'll link the article Jerome is referencing shortly, stand-by
Samuel Stadler
Here you go: https://www.parrotanalytics.com/premium-share/eyJhbGciOiJFUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJja29tMjJ3dmMxZXEzMGI3OHh0a290ZTUzIiwiZXhwIjoxNjI0NTYzMDA5LCJpYXQiOjE2MjE5NzEwMDl9.jx7aUzL1yXJ1CSZ2aegvOisj3TgdCOHCz62XWp7IAd0-leA_KSdxQNOgRusu5Yej7apzpRMKawaV_eHflCJiow
TPaul Miller
I discovered this movie purely by accident during a business trip to Moscow and bought it on behalf of Sony. It's an interesting case study as a co-production between Russian producers and Studio 4C in a completely different (WW2) genre. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/First-Squad/dp/B005WMQ64K/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=first+squad+movie&qid=1621971197&sr=8-1#customerReviews
Samuel Stadler
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Samuel Stadler
TPaul Miller thanks for that, interesting!
Tristan Francis
will a new genre of Anime become popular in the future?
Samuel Stadler
"probably" :)
Philip Gan
I actually hope that the future of the anime market be more diverse in its stories with collaborations between Japanese creators and international storytellers. Thank you for this panel session! It's been very insightful!