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June Virtual Community Coffee - Shared screen with speaker view
Tony - Chiapas Mexico
buenos dias, amigos
Tony - Chiapas Mexico
what is EOC?
Stuart Brown
Emergency Operations Center
Jill Marie
July 4th activities? and mention the confusion over locals driving through Yosemite? I asked the other day and was told if a local zip code is on your driver's license you can pass through as before.
Alison Hubert
Is Reds Meadow open at this time? When will Snowcreek Golf Course open?
Stuart Brown
Defensible Space and Community Clean-Up Event - June 25-27: https://www.townofmammothlakes.ca.gov/967/Defensible-Space-and-Community-Clean-Up
Stacy Corless, Mono County Board of Supervisors
Here is information from the Yosemite National Park Superintendent's Office regarding the pass through program. It continues as it has since 1998: Yosemite National Park's ZIP Code Pass Through Program has been in place since 1998 and is authorized by Public Law 105-277, Section 115. This piece of legislation prohibits units of the National Park Service from reducing or eliminating entrance fees for non-local travel through the unit, but allows each unit to develop guidelines to allow for local non-recreational passage that is exempt from entrance fees.The goal of Yosemite's long-established program is to meet the legitimate need of local permanent residents who have no other reasonable alternative route to cross the Sierra without traversing Yosemite. In some cases, one community authorized under the program might actually be a greater distance from Yosemite than another community, but if the second community has a closer alternative route (such as Highway 108), it would not be included.
Stacy Corless, Mono County Board of Supervisors
Part 2/3: Travel through the park must be non-recreational in nature and only permanent residents of the authorized communities are eligible for the program. Required documentation of a California Driver License or California ID Card indicating one of the authorized communities as their permanent residence must be presented upon arrival at the entrance station. For the rest of 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and associated closures of Department of Motor Vehicle offices, a permanent change of address form from the United States Postal Service will also be accepted as proof of permanent residency. Once eligibility is confirmed, the ranger will issue a pass that allows a reasonable amount of time to drive from the point of entry to the entrance station they will exit. The pass must be presented upon exit.Here is a list of the 7 Mono County communities and the one Inyo County community that qualify for a fee exemption for local non-recreational travel through Yosemite.
Tony - Chiapas Mexico
at our CERT zoom meeting . . . SGT Vetter mentioned lots of "campling" under the tree canopy ( undeveloped sites) . . .. when are the developed campsites going to be fully open . . . ?
Stacy Corless, Mono County Board of Supervisors
Part 3: Here is a list of the 7 Mono County communities and the one Inyo County community that qualify for a fee exemption for local non-recreational travel through Yosemite.Yosemite National ParkLocal Area Non-Fee Transit ProgramMono County Communities Eligible Zip CodesBenton 93512Crowley Lake 93546June Lake 93529Lee Vining 93541Mammoth Lakes 93546Mono Lake 93541Swall Meadows 93514Yosemite National ParkLocal Area Non-Fee Transit ProgramInyo County Community Eligible Zip CodesBishop 93514During Yosemite National Park's temporary day-use reservation system, the Pass Through Program is still in effect, and day-use reservations are not required. The local resident would simply need to drive to the entrance station, present their California DL or ID (or USPS permanent change of residence) that shows one of the listed ZIP codes, and they will be allowed non-recreational passage through the park.
Emily Woods Andersen
Emily Woods Andersen / ewoods@mammothlakeschamber.org
Tony - Chiapas Mexico
no bus service
Stacy Corless, Mono County Board of Supervisors
Office of the SuperintendentYosemite National Park209-372-0496YOSE_Superintendent@nps.gov
Melissa Humble and Kimberly Beaugris
Is the wilderness permit station in Mammoth open?
Visit Mammoth
If your business is interested in receiving a “Welcome Back to Town” window cling, please contact Caroline Casey at 760.914.0301 or ccasey@visitmammoth.com . These are free and will be delivered to you!
Melissa Humble and Kimberly Beaugris
Any idea of when the lake basin will open the gate?
Alison Hubert
Are Footloose Sports and Alpine Sports open to the public for bike rentals?
John Morris
I would like to comment on Snowcreek Golf and on lodging opening.
Alison Hubert
Are fishing licenses available online or in person?
Here is the link to the Forest Service backcountry permit reservation system: https://www.recreation.gov/permits/233262. The link it also available on visitmammoth.com
Alisa Mokler
Don’t know about online but they are available at retail stores.
you can get licenses both online and in person!
Green Fox Events
Where would be the latest guidelines for businesses to reopen?
Angie Plaisted
Lori B.
Jill Marie
Jessica Kennedy
Tuesday at 10am!
Alison Hubert
Fishing licenses online at each individual business or at visit mammoth site?
Melissa Humble and Kimberly Beaugris
When you make a reservation for a permit it directs you to pick up your permits at the wilderness permit station. Will rangers accept a screen shot?
Angie Plaisted
Thank you!
Tony - Chiapas Mexico
welcome back to the wild
Lucas Ropke
Wilderness permits and communication with Forest Service has been a nightmare, several groups are just heading out without permits, it would be nice to get a contact or have any Forest Service supervisor involved in this type of meeting, we all work along each other, but at the same time they work so distant from us.
Online at California Fish and Game website
Fianna Ose
does dr boo have a direct email to discuss proper ppe equipment to use for when spas open.
Lauren Burke
Jill Marie
are we waiting to hear from gov tomorrow on full phase 3 opening? will massage be allowed after tomorrow ?
John Morris
there is still no way for golf courses to self certify on the county website!
Melissa Humble and Kimberly Beaugris
can you give the number people are supposed to call for wilderness permits?
Stacy Corless, Mono County Board of Supervisors
I just heard from the Inyo National Forest that the estimated opening date for Reds Meadow Rd is 6/26. This is listed on their weekly "State of the Inyo" update.
Melissa Humble and Kimberly Beaugris
Kat Greenman- Sierra Wave Media
On a fun note Tanner Beard is representing Mammoth Film Institute and Mammoth Lakes tonight on Holey Moley. Stay well everyone!
Laura Beardsley
You can leave a message with the Mammoth Ranger Station, but not the Wilderness Permit Office. I left a message in Mammoth and they called me back.
Alison Hubert
Thank you