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Asif Uddin
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Mohammed Ali
salam everyone , I’m from America (Florida ) , I became a Muslim a little bit over a year ago, I grew up as a Christian all my life but as I got older and really started looking deeply into my reglion it just didn’t make sense to me anymore , and every time I had a question about the Bible or the Christian faith no one could
Mohammed Ali
Salaam to everyone , thank you for facilitating this course. I am Manita, a 25 year old female from London… very happy to be here. I am a recent revert and I took my Shahada with Brother Ali Dawah. I grew up in a Hindu background and really feel that I have been oppressing my true path of Islam for a long time. I have dear Sisters who have guided me and I feel it is truly a religion for women, not against women, as often portrayed in the media. Furthermore, I slowly began to realise that God cannot be personified through idols, as through Hinduism, but only one supreme power being Allah.
Mohammed Ali
give me an answer .
Mohammed Ali
I am the only Muslim in my family and I don’t have any Muslim friends , so it’s been a rocky road for me , but my belief is in Allah .
Mohammed Ali
assalamu alaikum everyone, I’m sister from Ireland 🇮🇪, 2 years how Muslim Alhamdulillah.I’m only one Muslim from my family where I’m grow up, is bit difficult. but I’m love Islam, I feel home, being home.
Asif Uddin
Thank you for your questions and comments. Please keep them coming.
Mohammed Ali
Unfortunately, my father is very much against Islam and rejects anything religious, yet alone Islamic as “crazy”. He believes religion cannot mix in a corporate/successful lifestyle which I entirely disagree. Due to this, I have kept my practice private and I choose to discuss matters with my Sisters and MA, through this course which gives me the privacy to share comfortably. As I understand, Islam promotes respecting parents so I choose to continue a civil relationship without lashing out etc. May Allah make it easy for us all
Simon Amaning
challenge im currently facing is dealing the frustration of my parents due to me converting to Islam. They are practicing Christians and very firm in their belief and they think im going into danger and that islam is not true, but I'm still respecting them and obeying them but it's hard hearing all of this stuff coming from them and them not being welcoming
Simon Amaning
Mohammed Ali
I am a Muslim but my wife is a Christian and Christmas and holidays are here , is it wrong to celebrate those holidays as a Muslim ?
Mohammed Ali
shukrran everyone, was beneficial, my Allah bless you all 🤲
JZK for the session it was very beneficial - blessings to all