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Energy Division Virtual Symposium Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Nida Sajid
Feel free to send in your questions about the seminar or the CIC Energy Division in the chat and we will be happy to assist!
Alizeb H. Syed
This is Ali from Industrial Simulation Inc. I really enjoyed the webinar and it is always pleasure to listen to you.I have a question regarding Cannabis process, as you know that the extraction is a solvent-based process to extract active species like CBD, CBDA, THC, THCA, CBN, and other terpenes.I wonder If we can still use a spent-hemp as a biomass- keeping in mind that the spent-hemp is wet and missing active species.
Alizeb H. Syed
m riazi
Thank you Prof. Jean Michel Lavoie for your nice presentation.
Mayara Leal
Congratulations for the presentation, professor Jean! It is a pleasure be here even online learning more about biofuels and our BTL :D
Alizeb H. Syed
Thanks a lot
Arjun Tony
Hi .. thank you for a great presentation. I did my Master’s degree from Denmark with specialization in Hydrothermal Liquefaction. How do you think about the HTL process is catching up with biomass?
Farbod Farzi
Hello everyone, thanks Prof. J-M for the nice presentation. Can I ask 2 questions: 1-Considering LCA, Algae has been very promising as compared to other generations of biofuel reactants, would you really wipe it out due to water consumption? 2- There was a Cannabis presentation couple of days ago arranged by CIC and compelling topics were mentioned, how do you think the direction of Cannabis should be from research perspective? Thank you
Prrunthaa Santhirakuraman
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