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Rabbi Yuhanan "Parenting: Teaching a Proper Attitude Towards Money, School, and Marriage" - Shared screen with speaker view
Natela Naamah Simkhaev
what age?
how to get kids to do their chores without paying them to do it?
how do you encourage young kids to take more interest in doing school work and home work.
Violet Baturov
what about if your husband doesn’t think your son belongs in an all boys school because we are not on that level.
Violet Baturov
my son is 13 years old going into high school. he thinks HANC is a good school. I think all boys school is better because it’s higher level in religion which I wanted. however, we are on different pages and my son will naturally listen to his father
I want my children at the highest level of religion, should I be worried that my husband and I are not on such a high level, how can we prepare? should I be worried about this like I have been, or if I am learning, should I just have bitachon that it will work out?
Elianas Resumes
Regarding marriage: if the teen is having a tough time (as all teens do between ages 13-17) doesnt talking about marriage give them a false sense of hope that all their problems will dissapear once they get married?
Esther Abramov
how do you inspire your teenager to use technology for good. is there such a thing as overuse or time limit....boy teenager
Elianas Resumes
at what age can you start talking to your child about money?
if the spouse does not want any level ?