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Clayton Handleman
PV has benefits in that it peaks during summer peaks when power costs peak and when the grid is under most demand. This should not require more analysis. This has been studied for 40 years
Clayton Handleman
It becomes of concern with high penetrations. But, consider our load of ~50 MW. 10 - 20 % variable generation penetration does not destabilize so I suggest for now allow large arrays up to total of 7.5 MW and then do the studies to see where to max it out.
Clayton Handleman
Battery costs are dropping rapidly. By time we installed 7.5 MW it will be economical to add substantial storage to balance, if that is needed to stabilize for larger amounts
Clayton Handleman
I suggest you specify that the array tilt for large systems be a slightly larger angle so that you get more benefit at night when the array is providing more power when the peak is most needed. Rates, no doubt, will be higher at this time of day and a cost optimization can be done to specify the optimal tilt.
Clayton Handleman
What is the benefits study called?
Clayton Handleman
What Roger is saying is super important. Markets only work if the things of interest are correctly monetized. Time of use rates and metering are needed.
Jo-An Heileman (she, her, hers)
Another thing to consider in making the distinction between “commercial” and “residential” is the apartment complexes and Linden Ponds — which would they be counted as?
Clayton Handleman
Any study needs to make reasonable assumptions about the addition of batteries to the system and the cost of batteries. LFP batteries are expected to drop to half their current cost within 5 years and they have very long lifetime making them even lower on a $/kwhr basis.
Clayton Handleman
Example of storage using phase change material - https://www.goh3.com/products/ice-bear/
Clayton Handleman
Here is a 2016 Brookings compilation of studies that looks at the benefits of solar. It should be kept in mind that the cost of solar has dropped since this study was done so the economics of solar are more favorable now than at the time of the study. https://www.brookings.edu/research/rooftop-solar-net-metering-is-a-net-benefit/
Clayton Handleman
Given our transmission and transformer purchases, we are in a position of reaping the substantial benefits from a smart solar incentive program. On balance, though, transformer sizing must take into account the shift to night peaking of EV charging and cold night heat pump use.
Clayton Handleman
Long but readable and informative MIT study. Offers a helpful overview of important considerations. https://news.mit.edu/2020/researchers-find-solar-photovoltaics-benefits-outweigh-costs-0623
Clayton Handleman
Hello, I would like to attend meetings. However after today, I will not be able to attend morning meetings. I imagine I am not alone in this. As a municipal utility I would hope board meetings would be accessible to folks in our town. Please consider making the meetings in the evenings. I am a physicist and electrical engineer with 30 years of experience in the renewable energy field. From inverter design to array design and all of the policy expertise that comes along with immersion in that world. I would like to be able to pay forward some of my experience to benefit the town and the world at large in terms of economically reducing the town's carbon footprint. I need the meetings to be after 3:00 pm, preferably in evenings in order to be able to participate.
Thank you for those useful links Clayton. I for one really appreciate your participation and will suggest we further consider moving to evening meetings.
Clayton Handleman
Thanks Roger
Clayton Handleman
I need to sign off.