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Spreading Healthcare Innovations: Replicating your success across the NHS - Shared screen with speaker view
Spring Impact
Welcome everyone. We would love to know who’s here with us today. Please put your name, organisation, and location into the chat box. If you are sharing feedback or insights on social media, please use the hashtag #SpreadingHealthcareInnovations and tag @SpringImpact in your post.
Mohamed Osman
Welcome everyone. Thank you all for joining us. Please do ask lots of questions.
Tess Baker
Good morning! I’m Tess Baker and from the Wohl Foundation, looking forward to today.
Medipex Ltd
Hi, I'm Lindsay Georgopoulos from Medipex - we're based in Yorkshire and support NHS innovators to develop their ideas, as well as University researches and Medtech SMEs who are developing products and services that could benefit the NHS
sarah elliott
Sarah Elliott, Clinical Education Improvement Fellow from Kent & Medway
Lizzie Kinvig
Hi. I'm Lizzie from Nutriri.org
Mohamed Osman
Hi, I am Mohamed Osman from Spring Impact, joining from London
Dr Stoshy
Hello, im chung and im currently working at a startup focusing on acquired brain injuries - Neumind
Medina Johnson
Hi, it's Medina from IRISi
Chris Dutton chris.dutton@homelesslink.org.uk
Morning all, Chris from Homeless Link
miguel mendao
Good morning, I am Miguel from Rinicare. We build clinical risk prediction solutions for ICU and other settings
Rufus Russell - neumind
Morning, Rufus from Neumind!
Linda Preez
Hi, Linda du Preez from Wessex AHSN
Nazihah Noor
Hi all, I’m Nazihah from Khazanah Research Institute in Malaysia
Victoria Brookman
Hi all, Victoria Brookman from ICHP (AHSN for NWL), joining today from south London
Ravi Ramanathan
Hello all, Ravi from India developing AI innovations relevant for NHS (& other health systems).https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravishankarramNice to meet you all.Spreading innovations is super relevant and interesting.
Ravi Ramanathan
So thanks Spring Impact for the webinar & your inspiring work.
Spring Impact
Thank you all for sharing more details about yourself and your organisation - it’s great to see so many of you here with us today. We will now be closing the chat function. If you have a question you would like to ask our panel, please do type this into the Q&A box throughout the webinar and we will get to as many as we can during the Q&A session. You can find this function on the bottom-right hand-side of your screen.
Spring Impact
To download the Spreading Healthcare Innovations in the NHS Tool, please click here: https://info963648.typeform.com/to/BJroNany
Sam Edom, Spring Impact
Thank you Mark and Victoria for your questions - we will come to your questions shortly.
Sam Edom, Spring Impact
If anyone else has questions, please do continue to submit them through the Q&A function :)
Spring Impact
If you haven’t yet, to download the Spreading Healthcare Innovations in the NHS Tool, please click here: https://info963648.typeform.com/to/BJroNany
Spring Impact
If you’d like to continue the conversation with us, book a 30 min call to learn more about how Spring Impact can support you on your journey to scale in the NHS: https://calendly.com/info-springimpact/health-tool-followup
Spring Impact
Thank you all again for joining us and for a great conversation! If you have two minutes to give us feedback on this webinar, pleaseill out this short survey here: https://info963648.typeform.com/to/ZIrJIX3Z
Mohamed Osman
Thank you everyone