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Parish of the Epiphany Creation Care Forums - Shared screen with speaker view
Susan and Ron Almquist
Susan McFee was an amazing resource. Is there a way to get questions to her?
Susan and Ron Almquist
Did you have air conditioning before?
Barbara & Fred Rowland
How is your electric bill?
Laura Dike
Once you put in the unit, is there a monthly cost or what do you need to maintain it?
Sue Brown
I have a heat pump that is a different set up than the mini-split Joy showed. I had to replace a more traditional central air unit and opted for a heat pump. My heat pump is one large unit that sits outdoors, with compressors in the attic. The entire house is heated/cooled on one thermostat. This unit works best when the outdoor temps are >40, so it’s not a terrific winter solution for heat, but I do use it in fall and spring rather than my steam heat.
Jeanne Paradise
My Honda Hybrid is from 2003, and I still get 50 plus/minus on highway. But it is not an EV. It does not plug in to electrical source. I’,m confused by Rich seeming to conflate EV and hybrid? What Toyota model?
Thea Keith-Lucas
Lent doesn’t have to be punishing!
Susan and Ron Almquist
Eversource also has a renewable poser option.
Susan and Ron Almquist
Eileen Marks
What do you do for a plug-in if you don’t have a garage?
Joy Cass
Shout out to Ellen Rockefeller for being the BEST on recycling!
Jenifer Tidwell
Wright-Locke Farm
Josh Reynolds
Here's Susan McPhee's email sgmcphee@me.com
Nick Myers (he/his)
I bet the new rector might like to see some new longer term thinking/plans about HVAC, :) and energy usage towards stewardship.