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Mammoth Voices Zoom Luncheon - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly O'Neill
Chris, Thank you for your work. The O’Neills will join in a tour and/or observation with you. You can reach us at Kelly114@gmail.com or 805-216-2868
Hi all - Lynn Boulton is available to give tours of the KOR drill site on Tuesdays, Fridays and weekends. I just checked and she is available next Fri 11/12 or Sat 11/13. She proposed 9:30 at the Hot Creek Geological site. If we get enough interest I will coordinate. Please email me chris@chrisbubser.com if you’d like to come and which day is your first choice.
Haley Fitzpatrick
Tobias Luthe
A related community resilience project using social network analysis is visualized here - in Eric Berlow’s super valuable Openmappr Network visualizer: https://openmappr.com/play/GotthardNetwork
Tobias Luthe
The Network data originates from this project: https://www.arctic-alpine-resilience.net/. Research papers linked from this page too.