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Made in the Midlands Virtual Breakfast Morning with FC Laser - Shared screen with gallery view
Hopefully the events will become more face-to-face from July
Dean Kenny
Good morning Everyone - Sorry I'm late
Morning Guys! Feel free to connect - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kully-nijjar-54a18322/
Catax are the Patron for R&D Tax Credits :)
Luke Allsopp
Hello Chaps, Luke from Frederick Cooper - HR and Marketing and all round good egg:https://www.linkedin.com/in/lukeallsopp/We produce high end finishes on metal and plastic parts :)
Morgan Davies
Morning all, happy to connect with every one. Prime Accountants are Patron for accountancy, audit and general tax support
Morgan Davies
Dean Kenny
Aneta Giedzinska
Skills in IndustrySince the start of the pandemic many schemes and incentives have been rolled out by central and local UK Governments aimed at getting youngsters into working environments. However many of these schemes are aimed at new employees or apprentices. What is your business doing to support its current staff with training?Michael Page (Recruitment for Engineering and Manufacturing) recently announced that the hottest skills in manufacturing are as follows. What is your business doing to ensure you are aligned with these trends?:Supplier development - Managing costs with a consistent supply strategyAgile practices/processes - An operation that can flex accordingly and an organisation's ability to build a multi-skilled workforce that can operate cross-functionally where needed.Continuous improvement - Find ways to drive down costs and increase margins through innovation.Leading diverse teams - how do you effectively manage a diverse workforce whilst capitalising on the culture it create
Hi Guys, unfortunately I have to log out. If anyone wants to connect I'm on https://www.linkedin.com/in/jake-silvester-15738183/Southall specialise in Health & Safety advice for high risk industry
Aneta Giedzinska
Manufacturing OptimismAccording to the latest CBI quarterly Industrial Trends survey, its quarterly business optimism gauge jumped to +38, its highest level since April 1973. Why do you think optimism in manufacturing has increased after such a challenging period in industry?Along with the surge in optimism, the survey also found that firms were planning to raise their spending in the coming months. Is this true among businesses here today, if so what firms are looking to increase spend on?Rain Newton-Smith, CBI chief economist, said: “Phased reopening has lifted the mood among firms, notably driving orders, employment, and investment plans.” Do you believe this to be true amongst your businesses?
Aneta Giedzinska
Great presentation :)
Tonia Hoskins
Yes thaks Adam :) really interesting
Russell Eynon
Thanks for the presentation Adam.
Thanks all
Russell Eynon
Signal tricky for me sorry.
Aneta Giedzinska
Is Localisation the Future of Supply Chains?localisation of supply chains has the potential to increase manufacturing costs and consumer prices. Would this be an issue for your business and its current process?However it does offer some wider-reaching benefits such as increasing employment opportunities and increasing tax revenues for HMRC.It could offer manufacturers tighter control of supplier standards leading to better product quality and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Taking these points into consideration, what would be the barrier for your business when it comes to localisation and how could you overcome these barriers?Other Notable PointsFurther investment in and utilisation of automation, IOT and intelligent technologies will support a more even playing field for UK suppliers.Make use of your networks and to seek out opportunities for collaborations with more local suppliers.Supply chain professionals have had a primary focus on reducing cost and prioritising profitability
Aneta Giedzinska
Future Role of EnergyThe Queen has said, "The United Kingdom is committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and will continue to lead the way internationally by hosting the COP26 Summit in Glasgow." How will manufacturing contribute to this and how is your business doing so already?
Tonia Hoskins
thanks everyone :)