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The New/Next Normal: Dismantling Systemic Discrimination to Open Innovation - Shared screen with speaker view
Todd Henderson
Question for Lungile: Many of us are talking about EDI or JEDI, not just D&I these days. Did McKinsey's study touch on equity or justice?
Rob Williams
Great presentation Liz! Robert Clark Williams, Jr.| Director of Diverse and Small Business EngagementSupplier Diversity Office, Commonwealth of MassachusettsOperational Services Division | One Ashburton Place, RM 1017Boston, MA 02108 |  617-504-8399 (mobile)| email Robert.williams2@mass.gov
Liz Minnis
Community colleges are an incredible resource for this workforce issue! we need to partner with them.From Me to All Panelists: 12:21 PMBrent - thanks for that good question - MA is just starting to acknowledge that certification - but we have not incorporated anything formal in terms of goals. Our diversity focus statement for designers is an opportunity to include information about that and I have seen some great responses in recent ads where the firm described what led to them including preferred pronouns in their signatures, for example. We need to do more in this area.
Liz Minnis
hey hakim,
Liz Minnis
nice to see you here.
Yailyn Torres Torres
Great presentation, Liz!!
Liz Minnis
yes pls. follow up with me - i'm on the web and linked in