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meetup- Global Opportunities in Finland - Shared screen with speaker view
Ofer Becker Solight LTD
Dear Marko: Is the program available remotely? What stage startups are you looking for? Scaleups?
Ofer Becker Solight LTD
Many thanks
Ofer Vexler
We’re NAM Technology invented and developed a new kind of heat pump that perfectly meets cold countries climate terms. Compared to existing heat pump models, our heat pump has higher coefficient of performance (COP), especially in cold temperatures until since +7◦ to -22◦ Celsius. Our technology could allow to mitigate Europe energy insecurity problem, decrease CO2 emission and decrease EU using of fossil energy sources. We interested to disseminate our technology and products in Finland.Ofer Vexler +972+547550034ofer@nam-technology.comhttps://nam-technology.com/
Ken Schultz Rabin
I am so glad that Vaasa is leading this endeavor. Israeli and Finnish collaborations seem like a natural fit. My focus up until now has been on Finnish-U.S. strategic collaborations, but after having gotten involved with some Israeli activities, I now plan to further bring Israeli participation into these U,S, and Finnish collaborations.
Marko J Koski
Very interesting speakers. Seems like you have what you need, human and financial capital. What is missing in your Finnish eco system that you are looking for from non Finnish companies?
What about maritime wind propulsion?
Nevo Dotan
We are Marine Edge,Marine Edge is set out to significantly reduce fuel consumption for merchant ships.Our Hybrid-AI SW and technology designed for long haul journeys of cargo ships is designed to significantly improve propulsion efficiency and reduce fuel consumption for merchant ships (10-15%) and is significantly reducing Global Air-Pollution and conserving World's Natural Resources, and thus putting an impact on the world.As you know, every year, the world fleet burns over 1 billion tons of fuel, at a cost of nearly half a trillion USD.The world's 15 Largest ships emit more air pollution than all the cars on earth put together.Optimizing propulsion power efficiency can make a great difference economically, and can have valuable and tremendous environmental impact.We are looking forward to cooperating and communicating with Finish companies. Nevo Dotan 972-52-9454423 nd@marine-edge.com
Philipp Holtkamp
Wärtsilä has had some collaboration with The Dock in Israel
Ken Schultz Rabin
Do appreciate Kenneth's straight forwardness. Again, a perfect match for Israelis, who are also straight forward. It is all about learning from each other and growing together. It is all about business and results.
Alon Gold
The Embassy and Wartsila will initiate a dedicated event focusing on energy storage - early next year
Wärtsilä, Kenneth Widell
Alon Gold
OK so ggeed lu
Thanks from Brightmerge optimization data platform for local renewable energy systems www.brightmerge.com