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Church Mutual Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary Rita Weissman
will you send the PPT or do I have tp take notes on it?
Jo-Anne Tucker-Zemlak
the presentation will be sent out with the recording by tomorrow
Because of the pandemic closures, much of the risk coverages we paid for are greatly reduced by bldgs. being emptied. Are co's giving rebates on premiums ?
jeff steinberg
What kind of experience has Church had with business interruption claims? Seems like a major uphill battle. In our case, loss of rental income from caterer while social events are COVID-curtailed is involved. Thanks.
Loli Gross
Does the the sexual abuse limits extend into the umbrella?
Loli Gross
You are too much!! Miss you.
Roger Lewin
In the Inland Marine example, if a Torah is brought to a family for a b'nai mitzvah, is it covered at the house also, or just while traveling?
Tess Goldblatt
We researched Business Interruption, and we were told that an industry position was taken that a virus cannot cause an interruption.
Jodi Salomon
Did you say that volunteers were covered to carry arms?
jeff steinberg
Thanks, Tess. The ironic part of our particular situation is that our insurance carrier neglected to include the virus/bacteria "exclusion", so in theory, for us, the fact that COVID caused our problem should not be relevant. We filed the claim and are now pursuing with a contingent fee law firm.
Allen Organick
We have received a proposal from Church Mutual for a “Multi-Peril” policy. I do not see the term “All Risk”
Allen Organick
Afre they the same?
Rob Allen
Do you suggest raising a deductible to lower the premium? If so, what would generally be an acceptable deductible?
Tess Goldblatt
Did you discuss Terrorism Risk coverages? I was a few minutes late. How do you describe its value, and generally do more synagogues opt in or our?
Vivian Leber
What does business interruption insurance cover and not cover
Tess Goldblatt
Is there a typical problem (or no problem) to switch policies to your company before your current policy ends? Such as penalties for leaving the current insurer?
Vivian Leber
The Covid closing wasn't covered. Are there other such non covered categories that we may not realize?
Nicky Spivak
What time frame do we need to begin the process of applying for coverage and receiving the underwriting to be covered?
Tess Goldblatt
Inland Marine coverage for that Torah going to someone's home. We were told it would matter if the family had an alarm system in their home. Is that relevant to coverage?