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Raising Our Voices - Shared screen with speaker view
Hi Attendees! Our panelists may have time to take questions from the audience - please feel free to ask any!
Karyn Pomerantz
How does covid remind us of HIV prevention and care, and what lessons can we learn from the fight against racism and oppression of women regarding hiv.
Barbara Berney
how do you reach people who do not have access to the internet?
Marsha Jones
We started doing some old school door hanging...we set up camp inside of the resistance and registered folk to vote and disseminated information,
Kentina Washington-Leapheart
Dr. Cole, I love that encourage your patients to keep asking you the same question(s) over and over again until they understand!
Kentina Washington-Leapheart
Dr. Cole, I love that encourage your patients to keep asking you the same question(s) over and over again until they understand!
Yamini Oseguera-Bhatnagar
How do we, as health educators, get folks to trust harm reduction techniques like face coverings when the messages coming down from the federal level are politicizing the very thing that may get us through this?
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Charlea Massion
I am a hospice and palliative care physician and agree with Dt T that telemedicine removes important opportunities for in-person patient-physician communication. However, in telehealth visits, I often meet other family members and see a patient in their home environment. Also, the paient does not have to travel to the health providers office and spend precious time waiting to meet with that provider. While in-person visits will always be essential, I am wondering how we might make better use of telehealth visits.
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Barbara Berney
its forward slash
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Cindy Pearson
Hi folks, the Working Against the Grain assistance Marsha Jones is describing is led by Byllye Avery and Kalena Murphy. We want to appreciate the Groundswell Fund for their support of this aspect of the Raising Women's Voices project.
Hello Attendees! The conversation is going so well that we're going to go a little bit past the hour - please stick with us!
Karyn Pomerantz
Yes! Racism hurts all workers! It holds people back economically, socially at different intensities, and dehumanizes white people. We need to follow black leadership. Oppression against anyone is a problem for everyone. Thank you.
Marsha Jones
Every community education forum that I facilitate on research begins with Tuskegee and the history of intentional harm to Black and brown folk in this country
Janet Conn
I am so glad to have the opportunity to meet these four fabulous panelists. Thank you all.
Marsha Jones
Being community organizers with trusted information makes a huge difference
Kalena Murphy
Thank you Marsha!!!
Hi Attendees - I know we're over. Please give us about 3 more minutes :)
If you missed any part of the event, we are recording it and we'll make a copy of it available!
Susan Bell
In addition to participating in ethical and well-designed clinical trials, I want the participants to benefit from the results! Not just to take the burden of participation. Thank you for this fabulous panel.
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