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How HB 307 Harms Schools & Towns - Shared screen with speaker view
Zandra Rice Hawkins (she/her)
Deborah -- we'll make sure get it
Zandra Rice Hawkins (she/her)
HB 307 is scheduled for a House floor vote next week
Tracy Hahn Burkett
With an amendment
Cordell A. Johnston
David, the bill had a hearing, and the committee voted along party lines (11-9) to recommend it as Ought to Pass. The full House will vote on the bill next week.
Zandra Rice Hawkins (she/her)
Carol, great question — yes. It is really important for State Reps to hear from people between now and (most likely) Thursday of next week. It would also be good to reach out early to Gov. Chris Sununu and State Senators.
Zandra Rice Hawkins (she/her)
If this passes the House, the next step is a public hearing in the Senate.
Zandra Rice Hawkins (she/her)
Please feel free to post any additional questions for the panelists in the chat.
Cordell A. Johnston
Jeffrey, I don't think it would have much of an impact on zoning ordinances and regulations, because it does allow continued regulation via zoning, so long as it does not treat gun stores differently from other retail stores. On your second question, yes, it is unusual for the legislature to issue that kind of directive.