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Laura Gorman
Would this child care just be for teachers or could it extend to parents that are not teachers?
Laura Gorman
So currently with the injunction and the unknowns we still don't have the option to use ESSER for all students at the public schools, but for non-publics use the FRL student calculation? Asking because if we do all and consult that way & then the injunction holds, wouldn't we have that option to do only FRL for the non-publics, but all for the district schools? Then we are in a bind with non-publics if we move forward.
Meghan D
Agree with Laura
Meghan D
Would it help to see what Adams County created for their CRF reporting (on the funds they allocated to Adams county schools?)
Patricia Petrukitas
Laura Gorman
This is a CRF question on allowability -- I don't want to forget to ask -- this is from a charter of ours - right now with the new READ Act rules for them of no longer allowing DIBELS deep testing so that K-2 students are going straight to a READ Act plan, they are having trouble managing the caseload. The tie to COVID is the instructional time lost last spring. They want to hire a part-time employee to manage this with READ & also to service e-learners in a more in depth way. Note: they do get READ Act dollars, but my take from them is they have more need than what these funds can provide due to READ Act changes and instructional lost time for READ students. Would this be allowable with CRF?
Linda Reyes-Quinonez
Thank you for recognizing that districts/schools are doing their best to fill teacher positions and struggling with remote, in person, hybrid situations. Reassignments may cause impacts on infield category.
Kate Bartlett
Laura, extra staff to help students recover lost instructional time is allowable under CRF. As long as you can make this tie, to COVID response, you should be good to go. What would not be allowable is using CRF to hire staff narrowly to meet your READ Act requirements, which you would have to also do in a non-pandemic context. Make sense?
Jeremy Meredith
https://nepc.colorado.edu/sites/default/files/publications/Mathis RBOPM-9 Class Size.pdf
Laura Gorman
In-field in EDT does not include interventionists (215 coding) is that correct? Asking because I could see different levels needing to reallocate interventionists -- e.g. reallocating someone as an interventionist who is secondary licensed, but using them at an elementary level in reassignment.
Laura Gorman
Sorry -- I mean they stay interventionist, but support elementary instead of secondary, but don't hold an elementary license
Laura Gorman
Thank you! I miswrote it
This is a CRF use of funds question - is the purchase of touchless time clocks for employees to clock in and out on and touchless POS systems for Food Service use by students allowed with CRF funds? Each item would be under $5,000.
Laura Gorman
Kate, this helps on the answer -- it's because they mixed the need and so I will make them get specific
Great. Thank you.