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DDAP Networking Session - Shared screen with gallery view
Lisa Verbos
Sorry for the delay. Apparently, I was past due for an update....
Megan Taylor
Good morning! PAYS data showed that our schools have some increase depression/suicide needs. We are working on getting the SOS program into all the districts.
Angela Morton
We are helping with several food/lunch distribution programs to prevent food insecurity
Good Morning! Perry Human Services is working on possible getting positive message flyers and handouts together to begin a possible change in perception of norms.
Butler County D&A and providers are planning a Town Hall meeting to address underage drinking and to give positive strategies to parents to keep their children safe and alcohol-free - working through the challenge of offering the THM virtually and in person
Dionne Baylor
Some of our providers are helping with food distribution and other things to help the community. One has been adding brochures and other things in the bags of the distribution centers.
ADAC Youth & Family Services
We're doing a virtual summer camp for Philly families. All enrolled families will receive an activity kit full of fun, engaging and educational activities. There will be online lessons and activities, as well. More info on IG AND FB @adacphilly.
Amanda Mayer
Bucks County Area Agency on Aging is putting together COVID Care Packages to be delivered to 1,000 older adults. Packages will include resources on getting help for depression/anxiety, safe medication disposal, medication safety, gambling awareness and food distribution along with Masks and hand sanitizer.
Venango County is at the beginning of how we are going to offer our Recovery Event.
Corinne Thomas
We've been working on planning/contracting and the word deliberate aligns with our approach too. We're really trying to plan diversely so our providers can maximize the reach to as many classes and schools as possible.
Corinne Thomas
ps. This is Corinne Thomas from Erie Co. from my phone so I dont think my contact info displayed in my message above :)
Martha Leister
we are planning to do sticker shock in Huntingdon as soon as they go green. There is a lake there and Underage drinking can be an issue in the summer
We are sponsoring a training at keystone college june 22 Exploring current drug trends limited to 20 people
Melanie Swanson
I am working with my coalition on analysis of the 2019 PAYS data. We were especially interested in the new questions/data concerning sleep. The summer presents a good opportunity to analyze the data and consider ideas and efforts to address needs.
Mallory Perrotti
Good point, Melanie! I'm sure many districts are interested in those questions if they are discussing later school start times
CPA - Jeff Hanley
Please mute if you're not speaking. We are getting some background noise and feedback.
Lawrence is working on creating PAYS powerpoint presentations for all our school districts. We had all of our school districts participate for the first time which is exciting for us.
ADAC Youth & Family Services
I wonder if the School District of Philadelphia participated in PAYS? They haven't in the past.
Rebecca Lidwell
Sorry I'm joining late and I'm working on my audio! I need to call in real quick
Melanie Swanson
I think a trauma-informed care approach and trainings will be especially helpful to us in Prevention as we navigate the current climate in PA and the U.S. and needs of our youth.
Rebecca Lidwell
We use Kahoot sometimes..
Melanie Swanson
We plan to contact local municipalities and law enforcement to request their latest data while also providing our law enforcement sector an "assignment" to engage more municipalities in the coalition. We also considered doing virtual listening sessions on certain topics, but that is just in the idea phase right now. We can do polls on Zoom as well.
Melanie Swanson
We are still working on it but may be able to tap into some existing youth groups to do it.
Angela Morton
Yes please!
Ava Ashley
thank you!