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Health Workforce Stakeholder Recommendations for the Master Plan on Aging - Shared screen with speaker view
Ha N. Tank
Master Plan for Aging (MPA):https://www.engageca.org/goal-progress#goal-3
Ha N. Tank
CA Future Health Workforce Commission 2019 Report:https://futurehealthworkforce.org/our-work/finalreport/
Ha N. Tank
Sept 25 Webinar recording: https://futurehealthworkforce.org/2020/09/28/webinar-series-9-25-frontline-public-health-officials-highlight-workforce-needs-during-after-covid/Oct 21 Webinar recording: https://futurehealthworkforce.org/2020/10/23/webinar-series-10-21-what-california-can-do-to-protect-and-support-essential-health-workers/Nov 17 Webinar recording: https://futurehealthworkforce.org/2020/11/19/webinar-series-11-17-the-election-is-over-at-last-heres-what-should-be-on-the-agenda-next-year-for-health-workers/
Patricia Powers
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Sarah Newton-Scott (she/her)
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Simon Pitchford
Can the panelist speak to their recommendations on how to improve the recognition, professionalism (i.e. training, skill advancement and promotion) and equity for home care workers, particularly if Dr. Spetz's recommendation in transferring care to home is to be successful?
Patricia Powers
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I treated several persons for workers compensation injuries who had been employed as care providers for family members or others. These individuals were often in very poor mental and/or physical condition themselves, and when their patients passed on or went into skilled nursing facilities, they became a huge expense for the state under Workers Compensation. They were not well motivated to get back to work
Veronica Mijic
Thanks for holding this session! Can the panelists recommend any data/research correlating geriatric training requirements for general practice providers and an increased ability for older adults to age in place?
Laura Ford
Thank you for this great and important session. I was wondering if the panelists can discuss the concept of payment reform, perhaps even value based payments, as a way to look at team-based care, reimbursement and caregiver/professional compensation.
Sarah Rodrigues
Lay health workers/promotores/peer workers have potential to ‘support and keep people at home’… but, besides finite grants, how can we sustainably fund this workforce?
Steve McNally
Thank you for your time today, * How will reciprocal license agreements help and become a near term reality? ** Are Doctors prepared/training to lead teams? *** Sounds like the workforce is task not team and patient centric...….****I'll read the report to see what is most easily controlled by us .I am outside this industry but recognize the need.
Heather M Young
Retooling for an Aging America
Patricia Powers
Patricia Powers
Report Chris mentioned
Steve McNally
MHSA Innovation funds might be a funding source for older adult behavioral health.
Joanne Spetz
Support At Home evaluation: https://healthforce.ucsf.edu/sites/healthforce.ucsf.edu/files/publication-pdf/S%40H_Year%203%20Report_201014_final.pdf
Steve McNally
As a community member, would be helpful to hear items discussed as controllable to be changed and aspirational