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DEI Forum - Keith Woods - Shared screen with speaker view
Brenda Williams-Butts (she/her)
Welcome, Whitney!
Whitney Maddox
Thank you so much!
Nico Leone, KERA
Welcome, Whitney. We're glad you're here, and are looking forward to working with you.
Sofia Edmundson
Welcome Whitney!
Joyce MacDonald
Warm welcome Whitney!
Shula Neuman
Question: How do you get reporters to ask about the source’s demographic information. Is it something the producers/reporters ask? Do you ask sources to self-identify?
Kristen Muller
I can share the language we have provided to our reporters/producers
Heather Dieringer - VPR
that would be very helpful. thanks Kristen
Chuck Roberts
Can our news rooms have access to the software or program to create a local database for sourcing?
Kristen Muller
Keith- are you seeing any shifts in audience as a result of this work?
Kristen Muller
If not yet, what are the audience goals?
Holly Kernan
I don’t think Keith can see the questions in the chat
Heather Dieringer - VPR
Keith when you use the phrase “where people are included or not” in relation to the new performance eval system … do you know if that is evaluating just title/authority or other aspects of inclusion?
Kristen Muller
Here’s the language our reporters use re tracking their sources: “KPCC and LAist want our reporting to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.That’s why I’m asking you to share how you describe your race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. It’s voluntary, no pressure to answer, and doesn’t show up in our stories if it’s not relevant to the story topic. It helps us understand whether we are being inclusive in our sourcing.”
Shula Neuman
Thanks, Kristen. That’s pretty much what we have scripted as well. Very helpful
Kristen Muller
We have
Nico Leone, KERA
Bill, I think we'll have set that same North Star within the next few months.
JoAnn Urofsky
WUSF is using the source diversity tracker developed by KCUR. It's terrific.
Mike Crane
and the measurement for radio audience is not very granular at all.
Michael D Arnold
Has NPR explored what needs to be changed to make its broadcast audience more diverse?
Nico Leone, KERA
The distinction between inclusive input and inclusive decisions is incredibly important. Improving inclusion in our decision making takes a level of intentional and structural work beyond just gathering input. Hiring is a great place to start, but there are so many other places we need to do this work.
Heather Dieringer - VPR
Plus one to Nico’s comment!
Whitney Maddox
And that’s important Debbie because often times you hear in the interview process, “this person isn’t a right fit.” Without actually naming what “right fit” means. So it focuses on skills and knowledge.
Jun Reina
It seems like a minor thing but we've gotten a greater diversity in candidates selected for interviews just by masking the candidates names until after the hiring committee selects them for interview.
Mike Crane
We're implementing the same thing as Jun mentions. It's encouraging to see that it's working!
Mike Crane
for Jun, that is... hope it will make a real difference here in Wisc. too.
Rachele Hales
Not trying to call anyone out, but a former executive NPR employee comes to mind during this conversation. She was the CEO of WNYC and oversaw years of abuse of women and women of color in particular. An independent lawfirm conducted a review, determined abuse did occur but was not the fault of management, and she went on to become president of a university. In this case management was not held accountable and did not suffer consequences. How are you fixing this?
Kristen Muller
All of our editorial managers have to attend at least one recruiting event a year so that it’s the work of everyone, not just a single hiring manager
Michael D Arnold
great idea
Tracy Brown
At WBEZ, here's the language we use with sources filling out the survey as well as the public to describe our diversity source tracking work: (it's a little long..) Thanks for participating in WBEZ's Diversity Source Tracker. We're working to make sure the voices in our news stories and on-air programming better reflect the perspectives of people from across Chicago and the region. Our goal is to audit the sources we feature on WBEZ's daily talk show Reset, Curious City and in new stories on wbez.org. We're asking our sources to share demographic data that includes age, gender, race and geographic location.Source tracking will allow us to be transparent about who we are highlighting in our news coverage. We will use the ongoing audit to guide editorial conversations and to measure our progress toward programming and coverage that is more diverse, equitable and inclusive of the communities throughout the Chicago region.
Brenda Williams-Butts (she/her)
@Debbie We created a FAQ for the staff about their role in the staff hiring panel. We also suggest that the hiring panels meet before and identify someone to lead the panel and talk about the type of questions to ask and who will be asking those questions. I also endorse training
Kristen Muller
We also have a slack channel called ‘Talks and Fairs” where we share upcoming recruiting and speaking events for staff to sign up
Debbie Hiott, KUT & KUTX
Brenda, that sounds great. Do you mind sharing? dhiott@kut.org
Holly Kernan
Thanks, Keith. Welcome Whitney. Much good work to be done. Glad so many are working on it.
Debbie Hiott, KUT & KUTX
And Kristen, I like that idea.
Shula Neuman
Thank you, Keith!
Amanda Mountain (she/her/hers)
Thank you, Keith and Whitney.
Kristen Muller
Thanks, Keith. Good stuff!
Debbie Hiott, KUT & KUTX
Great session. Thanks, Keith! And Bill for setting it up.
Joe O'Connor
Thanks Keith. Thanks Whitey—Joe O’C, SFS ’79, Hoya Saxa!!!
Jim Schachter
Thanks Keith, and to colleagues for their contributions.
Heather Dieringer - VPR
This has been great, thanks Keith and SRG
Thank you, great session!
Whitney Maddox
Thanks so much everyone! Looking forward to working with you. And yes, Joe - Hoya Saxa!!!
Joyce MacDonald
Yes from Greater Public!
Sofia Edmundson
Thank you Keith and SRG organizers. Welcome Whitney to a Marylander with fond memories of Hoya country.
Jim Schachter
Yes and thanks SRG.
Steve Edwards
Keith & Whitney - thanks so much for your time, insights and essential contributions to our entire system. And thanks to SRG for organizing.
Jim East/ Colorado Public Radio
Thank you, Tom, Bill and Keith and welcome Whitney!