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Session B: Connecting people and nature – taking a more diverse and inclusive approach (2nd December a.m.) - Shared screen with speaker view
James Farrell
I didnt catch all 8 themes, could we put them into the chat please?
Melanie Dodd
1. Building capacity to provide a welcome through putting diversity and equality rtaining2. Equal access to connect with nature and benefits with nature in most deprived areas3. Build and maintain ongoing relationships with local groups or identified groups in nearest catchment areas4. Leadership and representation within organisations structures, nurturing multicultural voices to come forward and speak up5. Co-creation of people centred policies6. Building aspiration and equal opportunities to take up careers in environment7. Funding criteria8. Equal opportunities in context in green recovery – new job creation – multicultural training and support to apply
James Farrell
James Farrell
Hi Judy, thank you for your talk - as ever, eloquent and insightful. You might remember work in London Biodiversity Partnership 20 years ago in this area. Despite that work, and some great examples elsewhere, we remain the second least diverse sector in the country (after farming), and natural history content in the curriculum has atrophied. I'm curious about your view of how the profession engages people younger, including at school and in communities, so we can build a more diverse future.
Judy Ling Wong
Hi James, perhaps this question can go into the panel discussion? I think after we make our points, there may be time for more questions.
Sally Hayns
Yes I will bring it across
Judy Ling Wong
Anyone that wishes to be in contact after the event my email is judy@ben-network.org.uk
Krystie Hamilton
From Judy: Anyone that wishes to be in contact after the event my email is judy@ben-network.org.uk
Judy Ling Wong
It is fine with me. My email is really very public anyway. Anyone that tries to find it usually does!!
Alison Millward
Excellent work being done at Runnymede with Egham Museum, local dementia group and local children's centres to engage families at this iconic site.
Sally Hayns
Thanks for sharing Alison
Alison Millward
Good work being done at Belton House with Woodland Trust, Hill Holt and local job centres to engage NEETS on woodland skills training programmes.
Judy Ling Wong
Hello Alison!!
Pam Nolan
Fantastic morning session - so inspiring and the chance to hear from some of my 'superheroes' and some new ones I now know of too! Thanks Sally for making sure this was a core component of the conference and to all speaker for an excellent morning.
Diana (Di) Clark
Or borrow it from your local library... :-)
Jenny Neff
I should like to echo Pam's comment above. One of the most engaging and thought provoking conference sessions. Thank you to all.
His recent film included one very powerful visual result of climate change, but ended with a positive message that humans can solve the challenges with the environment. Even better than that, at the live showing of the film he then did a human warm hearted chat with Michael Palin that showed them both as two guys, who have a love of the world and this was the best message - show you love the world and its people.
Judy Ling Wong
Link to Climate Reframe open database of BAME activists https://climatereframe.co.uk/
Verity Roberts
Thank you Judy!
James Farrell
One for you Sally. Excellent session this morning. You have probably already considered this, but could CIEEM commit to ensuring that all conference panels are diverse as appropriate - in particular gender and ethnicity? Would help with breadth and impact of content as well as a powerful statement of intent. I hear of many speakers starting to set their own criteria...
Sally Hayns
Hi James
Sally Hayns
We have been discussing this and we certainly can do better, currently we do not collect protected characteristics data on potential speakers but certainly where we are proactively approaching speakers we can be more mindful of this. There is an article in this months IP about what we are doing and a call for volunteers for our working group.....
Alison Millward
RHS discovered that we need to get to 10 and 11 year olds about careers in horticulturalists.
Diana (Di) Clark
Beth - can you tell us the full title of the book you just mentioned about colonial/historical ecology please.
Melanie Dodd
Natural Health Service proposal too should help young people
Beth Brockett
Imperial Ecology by Peder Anker
Tiger De Souza
I feel we also need to think about career pathways. Entry route roles are helpful but we also need to enable young people to see themselves in leadership and understand how they can progress
Judy Ling Wong
Thank you to Sally for bringing us together