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Communal Responses to the Crisis - Shared screen with speaker view
Adina Frydman - UJA NY
Eric - Would you be able to talk about JCRIF and the thinking around working with national umbrellas. What is the ideal role you see for local federations in the planning for and use of these funds?
Jennifer Gross
So sorry, I need to run to another meeting. So glad I could join, see everybody, and hear from our wise speakers. Stay safe and healthy.
Ted Sasson
Mentors and faculty should feel welcome to jump in.
shout out to my great colleague Jess Balboni!
Asher Lopatin
Thank you James! What a great challenge!
Renee Kutner
We have given our staff the morning as a mental health vacation tomorrow too - no money associated, but it's been very well received and needed!
Asher Lopatin
Deborah - that is a beautiful home! Thanks for just letting us in!
Adina Frydman - UJA NY
There is a tension between self preservation and taking care of our own and using our collective communal strength and organization to help vulnerable and less priviledged communities - if for no other reason than that it is wise from a communal relations perspective - and it is the right thing to do. What might the role be of JCRCs and/or local volunteer - service opportunities to demonstrate that we can be value add to the community at large?
Hana Gruenberg
Jumping off for another call. Thanks so much.\
Elisa Deener-Agus
thank you! wonderful to see you all!