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Equity in Climate Change Solutions - Shared screen with speaker view
Jane Rumrill (she/her)
To answer a questions submitted to the panelists, MVP stands for Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness. It's a grant that encourages towns to make climate change plans.
Esmeralda Bisono, City of Salem
Esmeralda Bisono, City of Salem
Answering a question submitted to the Panelists - Solarize Mass is a state-funded program, run by MassCEC (Massachusetts Clean Energy Center) who partners with municipalities around the State to promote Solar electricity and other renewable energy technology. I was the Solar Coach in Salem last year for the Solarize North Shore program (which is over now, but if you want to learn more about that specific program our website it is https://solarizenorthshore.org/). To learn more about the state program, visit https://www.masscec.com/solarize-mass-1
Jane Rumrill (she/her)
When the three panelists are done with their presentation, we'll make sure your question gets answered! Thanks, Susan! (And thank you for using the Q&A box)
Mickey Northcutt
I have another meeting at 5:30 - I have to take off. Thank you so much for having me & to the other panelists.
Jane Rumrill (she/her)
To answer the question on what makes an Environmental Justice Community, here is how it is defined by the state: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/environmental-justice-populations-in-massachusetts