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March 24, 2021 Chamber Lunch Forum with Mayoral Candidates (2 of 2) - Shared screen with speaker view
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Please send all questions directly to Ruth Armstrong via chat. Do not ask questions in the chat
Britney Olsen - CERCC
I believe Mr. Westfall is the only candidate that needs to leave by 1 that I am aware. Moderator = Ruth Armstrong
Britney Olsen - CERCC
It has been the perfect storm today - Thank for your Patience with the CER Chamber today as we have had to be flexible last minute!
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Just as a reminder please send all questions directly to Ruth Armstrong in Chat
Bill Evans for Mayor
Thank you for the opportunity to speak. If you want to learn more about our campaign, please visit www.VoteBillEvans.com
George Martinez
Thank you for the opportunity to be here today! https://george2021.com/
Bill Falsey
My thanks to everyone as well. I'm happy to continue the conversation at bill@falseyformayor.com, and you can find more information about me at falseyformayor.com.
Britney Olsen - CERCC
Thank you everyone for joining us. The recording of this Forum will be available on our website and in Friday's Newsletter shortly after the forum ends. If you would like to be added to the Newsletter list please email info@cer.org. Door Prize Winner - Shelley Phillips with the CER Senior Center