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Area Chief Medical Officer Community Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Erica Hupka
Good morning Joe!
Paula Little
For the Introductions- Total pts. Total Covid patients . Patients in ICU beds, Patients on Vents, # of Total deaths, Employees out, How full is your hospital and how is your staff is doing
Scott Hall
Good morning everyone! Thank you for joining today.
Courtney Lewis
At what point may you recommend another shutdown? Mike Mahoney KMBC?
Brenda Sharpe
Health philanthropy is grateful for the leadership of the Chamber, the business community, and our tireless healthcare workforce across the region
Mayor Weir
Independence has done more than 200 vaccines since Monday which is a big, big increase over prior weeks. Drop in clinic today from 12:30-4:30 at City Hall.
Tim Williamson
Mike— we want our communities to remain open and thriving. We will be talking the safest way to do that is through masking and vaccinations.
Courtney Lewis
What exactly is Bed diversion?
Donna Martin
will the recording of this be shared so that we can get this information to people not on this webinar?
Tim Williamson
Bed diversion historically has meant that the hospital is full and unable to accept transfers or ambulances. We now have high volume status but if a majority of hospitals are on high volume then all have to come off of high volume status. That is now happening daily.
Shelby Nusrala
What is the latest update on how long the vaccine will remain effective against the virus? Anything new on the possibility of needing a booster vaccine?
Wendee Grady
Where can we find written data on number of vaccinated v. non vaccinated inpatients to share to counter disinformation?
Tim Williamson
Shelby— we will address live later.
Tim Williamson
Dagmar— every hospital is working feverishly to get the staff needed to be at full capacity.
Shelby Nusrala
Thank you, Tim. Will you also be updating on us on the possibility of Pfizer reaching full FDA approval in early September?
Tim Williamson
We anticipate, from what we are hearing in the news, to hopefully have full FDA Pfizer approval in early September
Linda Ismert
Of the employees who are out of service, are all of them COVID positive or out due to contact tracing & exposure?
Tim Williamson
It’s probably intuitive, but with high volumes, high number of patients holding with orders, this also leads to high wait times in ERs
Andrew Conyers
Is anyone having issues with the public becoming belligerent regarding masking and visitation policies?
Tim Williamson
Karin— can you help clarify as a percentage of what?
Tim Williamson
Employees out are a mix of positive and awaiting testing, but the majority of for being positive
Tim Williamson
Dagmar— I can’t speak for all hospitals but all I’m aware of are actively recruiting for all types of staff
Darla Wilkerson
Will all the of your health systems require employees to get vaccinated?
Courtney Lewis
Hospitalization are a lagging indicator, correct? Implies the situation continues to grow worse? Accurate? Mike Mahoney KMBC
Tim Williamson
Mike—hospitalization is very much a lagging indicator and typically follows cases by a couple of weeks. And deaths a few weeks after that.
Pat Pettey
I heard one presenter mention a patient having other critical issues that are compromising is that true of most of these new cases or different from last spring
Mayor Weir
Please put the email in the chat to send questions/comments to the Chamber
Lina Wilson
Questions: info@kcchamber.com
Jason Dalen
What's the status / timing / recommendations for getting booster shots for those who have been vaccinated? Pfizer reports its vaccine loses effectiveness after 6 months. Many early vaxers are coming up on 6 months.
Beverly Hoffman
What facilities are mandating employees be vaccinated? Are facilities considering postponing elective procedures that require hospitalization?
Donna Martin
I wish more attention would be given to the impact of people getting exposed (and then quarantined), getting ill and possibly dying from COVID-19 on business and our economy. A lot of people think that shut downs are the only thing that affects the economy but people getting sick is very disruptive.
Pat Pettey
is aCOVID patient responsible for their medical bills
Dagmar Wood
What is being done to prevent the infected from entering our hospitals through successful therapies at home? I personally had a miraculous COVID 4-hour turnaround on the HCQ/Ivermectin cocktail. If we are concerned about maxing out our hospitals, what do we need to do to educate frontline healthcare providers on proven therapies?
Mark Logan
Would the hospitals be willing to share aggregated information about the average hospital bills to patients for a COVID stay?
Colette Lasack
Insured patients are responsible for any co-pay or deductibles that may be applied to their individual plan. For uninsured patients, regardless of immigration status, we still have the opportunity to apply for reimbursement through the HRSA program for patients hospitalized for COVID treatment.
Sarah Moe
^^ Please address Dagmar’s question @ 9:36 am
Courtney Lewis
Dr Stites speaks of a "lack of public health policy" Elaborate?
Jason Dalen
Is there a call to action from the CMOs for the region's employers?
Laure Christensen
Is there a need to mask outdoors as well?
Carol Ayres
Staffing is a challenge for early childhood programs and in our schools as well.
Laure Christensen
Can you define "outdoor crowded spaces" -- 1000 or 100?
Darla Wilkerson
Some other factors other than masking last fall/winter is lower numbers gathering in crowds, no kids in classrooms and overall social distancing. If mask mandates worked before then we shouldn't be afraid to set that in place again if these public pleas are not resulting in the majority masking and getting vaccinated. If we all want our kids in classroom, gathering with others, etc. then folks need to get vaccinated and mask up. PLEASE folks listen and take action.
Laura Remy
I also would like this information in a shareable form to help justify our mask and vaccine policies
Eric Morgenstern
Kudos to our area CMOs for their leadership and for their single voice. It’s now up to the rest of us to make their guidance happen.
Tim Williamson
Current scientific data does not support use of HCQ or Ivermectin for prophylaxis or treatment of COVID-19
Catherine Olguin
Is it normal for coronaviruses to produce so many variants at this frequency and how else can we prevent the development of a variant of high concern?
Gayle Sweitzer
Donna-we will send a link of the recording about 30 minutes after we conclude.
Andrew Conyers
I'm interested to see when health insurance companies begin passing more of the financial burden of COVID treatment towards people that choose not to be vaccinated. The precedent is there with people that smoke or go skydiving already.
Tim Williamson
The more a virus is transmitted, the more opportunity there is for mutation.
Michael Whim
Well put about masking.....Great job!
Gayle Sweitzer
We will make the link available after the program. It will be sent to all of you, and we'll (The University of Kansas Health System) likely place it on our website.
Brenda Sharpe
Appreciate TMC and VA leading on requiring employees to be vaccinated. Healthcare systems are some of our area's largest employers, and this sends a message not only about public health safety, but also sets a great example for other employers
Tim Williamson
The delta variant appears to transmit faster and with less distance than the original strain, so would recommend masking in shared spaces
Michael Whim
Swiss cheese slide was very informative. love the visual! Thanks Dr. Hays!!!!!!
Tim Williamson
Apologies to all for not being able to keep up with all questions, but we will try to get additional information out/questions answered in the coming days.
Catherine Olguin
In efforts to decrease bed occupancy has there been attempts to address behavioral health concerns by advertising behavioral health options available in the community such as cognitive behavioral health therapy? smartrecovery.org etc. Or advertising other resources such as https://www.aa.org/ in efforts to alleviate behavioral crisis.
Ron Marshall
For those organizations with a COVID vaccine mandate are you losing staff to organizations without a vaccine mandate?
Tim Williamson
At KU we are not seeing large numbers of non sick patients in our ER. Our acuity is high and very few non sick folks
Melanie Mattes
This event has been recorded and everyone who registered will receive a link to the video. The KC Chamber will also be making the video available to others who were not able to attend.
Dr. Jennifer Schrimsher | LMH Infectious Diseases
Lawrence Memorial still has a drive-through for COVID testing. We also have our clinics performing rapid testing, as well as numerous other sites in the community.