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DVR Technical Specifications Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Catherine Nowak
So, with this being recorded, will it be available for others to view later? And if so, where would it be posted?
DSPN Network
we will have it available on the DSPN website
Catherine Nowak
Sarah Hepp
Would you be able to clarify when which report is needed, please? When you have ITW only PO what report is needed when?
Emily Beyer
Do you still only bill for the report after the TWE is over?
Emily Beyer
ok, thank you
Kayla Countney; Goodwill NCW
For one of the retention changes, it says "communicate directly on a weekly basis with the consumer via phone, email or meeting in-person/virtual. Topics that should be discussed include: attendance, wage & scheduling; problems at work & related problem solving strategies; any issues identified." Questions: if a consumer prefers communication via texting, is this acceptable? Additionally, if the consumer does not respond during one of the weekly reach outs, does this negatively impact our ability to be paid for the service?
Kayla Countney; Goodwill NCW
Thank you
sharon winfield
Many time with Retention, our consumers do not want to communicate with us after the hire. How is the requirement communicate to the consumer at time of intake to DVR. It seems to fall on the service provider and sometimes is not received well with the consumer.
Kayla Countney; Goodwill NCW
Would you mind repeating the portion about invoicing for job coach hours and reporting and how it was changed to make it easier to track for DVR? Just want to ensure we're doing it correctly with any changes that may have taken place. Thank you!
Nicole Klingenberg
Can you explain the request invoice tab at the bottom of the PO's. Thank you
For monthly SE SI what needs to be provided on the invoice? Just the month or dates?
For example, for coaching for project search do we need to list every day we provided coaching or just the month.