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NSWCCL 2020 Annual Fundraiser - Shared screen with speaker view
Thank you for joining us this evening. If you are tweeting you can use the hashtag #NSWCCLjustice2020.
Robert Tickner
Sarah and Richard are right and we need to build a social movement for change to champion alternatives to incarceration and we should start in NSW the state with the highest prison population. Let’s build a strong collaboration and advocacy campaign to shift the public conversation away from building more and more prisons to support evidence based and cost effective alternatives to incarceration. We need to come together to campaign for change to convince our elected members that jailing is failing and the economic and social costs of the current system are unsustainable. The Justice Reform Initiative will seek to advance these goal playing full regard to the leadership role of Aboriginal people and organisations campaigning to reduce the disproportionate rate of Indigenous incarceration. Let’s all work together to drive these changes and to win public support for them. We have so much work to do. Best to all Robert (excuse my typos)
Thank you Robert: jailing is failing.
Lorana Bartels
For more information about the JRI, see https://www.justicereforminitiative.org.au
Ebony Laithwaite
Thank you all. As a law student, it was really interesting and gave some great insight
Monica Dalton
Thank you!